Friday, July 1, 2011

BlogHer - NaBloPoMo: I Promise...

I have been RSS'in a lot of blogs for years. More for gaming, technology and entertainment. However, I've been reading some general blogs that cover wide ranges of topics lately.

I have recently found TheBloggess and BlogHer. BlogHer is more diverse. I never really went to the official site until this week. They put out a post about their other site called NaBloPoMo. I really don't remember what it stands for and right now I'm too tired to go to the site. My educated guess would be "National Blog Post Monthly." I may be so wrong right now. I'm working on 4 hours of sleep.

I then signed up to be a member of both sites. I also made a promise to post one post daily for the month of July. This is going to be a hard promise to keep. I am trying to find time to play my game, write my novel, spend quality time with my boyfriend, organize my music collection as well as picture collection all while working a full time job. So far, playing my game, writing my novel, music and picture collection has fell by the wayside. I usually make posts when I'm passionate about something or when some idea is pressing in my brain.

I have a total of 3 blogs, including this one. They are as follows:

Tigerkirara's Page for Gaming : this is my blog for reviewing games that I play. My boyfriend and I were thinking of making this a podcast. We'll see.

Tigerkirara's Journey Thru Final Fantasy XI : this is my blog that follows me playing my game that I mentioned prior. I haven't updated this blog in a while since I haven't been playing for a while. This blog by far has the most posts out of all my blogs.

The Taming of a Wild Tiger : is this blog. This blog started because of an ex-boyfriend who read all of my personal journals. So I figured if people want to figure me out they can read this blog instead of invading my privacy. It still reflects me and my weird humor. I do occasionally post funny forwards in this journal if it fits my personality or just they are just too damn funny.

Now I'm going to try to make a post a day. Wow, it's so unlike me. We'll see how this goes. Hopefully I can keep this promise. It'll probably help me budget time in August to sit down and get my novel out. Wish me luck.

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