Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Kids Need Discipline and Not Hand Holding

Have you been to a nice restaurant and your experience us shattered because of a bratty kid? When you take a flight somewhere, don't you dread having children on the flight? Have you been to the movies and get mad because you hear the bratty kid instead of the movie? My opinion the reason is because the parents don't really give a damn about disciplining their children. They let them run amuck. They hand hold and say in a very nonauthoritive voice "don't do that" and expect the child to listen.

Kids need discipline. They need to know who is in charge. It certainly should not be them. Parenting rules in today's time are very lax. We need to revert to the 20s or so. You still find kids are disciplined correctly in other countries. It's only Americans who refuse to discipline. I guess it's unconstitutional.

This is why our children face so many problems and so do the parents. Teen pregnancy, drugs, violence, and lack of respect for their fellow man are some symptoms. Parents, why have kids if you don't want to raise them?

Children need to be taught right from wrong. They need guidance. You need to discuss issues with them. You can't let TV or the schools teach your child about life. You as a parent should; especially about SEX. You need to be the major influence in their lives. You can't be too busy to spend time with your child.

You also should set an example for your child. You want them to respect you and look up to you. You want them to talk to you when they have problems. You want them to make safe and sound decisions. You want them to choose their friend wisely. You want them to be successful human beings.

Start paying attention and doing what's right for your child. Stop letting run around without a leash. Not a physical one, and metaphorical one. Set boundaries. When I was a kid, I must be in the house by 7 pm SHARP!!! No if ands or buts. If I was late, I was punished. I'd lose a bit of freedom for a while. Kids should not be out on the street after 7 pm. There is nothing outside for them after that. That was one of my leashes.

You must teach your kid how to behave in public. I don't remember how my mom trained me on this, but I know how I taught my niece and nephew. I discussed the trip before we left and told them the consequences if they acted up. They knew who was in charge and who they were safe with. They were never any trouble to take around. Parents let there kids throw tantrums and fits in public because they don't have the authoritative power needed. If a kid cries for something he/she shouldn't have and you cower to the crying. Who won the battle? The kid did. You may gotten a quiet kid for a while, but you lost your authority. He/she now knows that to get what he/she wants all they have to do is make a big fuss. So you now have a bratty child. Your life is going to be miserable. You are now the servant.

Teach your kids manners. What happened to them? You don't hear "may I", "please" or "thank you" from kids anymore. They are rude. They have this sense of entitlement. Parents please teach your kids to respect their fellow man. This sense of entitlement without manners and respect leads to violence when things in life don't go their way.

Kids are so bad these days that restaurants are banning customers with children. They'd rather deal with a drunk adult. Malls are banning kids from coming in without a parent. Theaters are banning children after certain times. Do you see a pattern? The rate things are going, kids will only be allowed at school and home. I'm planning on having a child in the near future and I'm scared because the kids out here are so awful. I know there are good kids out there. For the parents of those, thank you very much. We need to get our children straightened out before it's too late.

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