Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Rant & Rave: What Women Should Know

I am a firm believer that all people should learn everything that effects them on a personal level. What I am experiencing in the field is that a lot of young women these days have no clue about their finances.

A lot of these young women are not taught by their parents how to manage their personal wealth. They have accountants who does all that. If their accountant is ripping them off, they would have no clue. I understand people don't like doing taxes and all that financial stuff. You should at least learn it so you can make sure you are not taken for a ride. Take a class, learn from a friend in the field, or read discussions on websites. The object is to learn.

Also if these young women get married, they have no idea what' happening with their money because the husband handles all the finances. Know your stuff. If you get divorced you will end up losing out on a lot because you were in the dark. It is so sad when I hear that a woman was left destitute because her husband, boyfriend or accountant took full advantage of their ignorance.

We should teach our children about finance as they grow. This way they are educated. This way they won't be taken advantage of in life. They will also know the value of a dollar. They will learn not to purchase more than they can afford. Oh the horror stories I've heard on women bouncing checks and nearly homeless because of ignorance. This really hurts my heart.

We need to stop the ignorance. If parents won't teach it, maybe the schools should. It is very important to learn. This ends my rant.

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