Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Life w/ JH - Vacation Edition

It's been a while that I have written about my life with my boyfriend, JH. This post is going to sum up the previous 2 trips we have taken during the 10/11 year and 1 upcoming trip.

In October 2010, my cousin Kevin was getting married. His wedding took place in Miami Beach, FL. This would our first official trip in a relationship. We flew and rented a car to drive around. I assigned the driving to him. At this wedding, he was going to meet a great deal of my father's side of my family. All of my dad's siblings were there and a lot of my cousins. He was well received. We didn't really get to hang around the area too much. We made it to beach but couldn't partake of it. We at least got to wet our feet. We got to see the Miami Ink tattoo parlor. We of course ate at JH's favorite place at the time, Five Guys Burgers. All in all, it was a fun time.

Just recently we took an 11 day vacation to Florida. The plan was to spend half of the time in Daytona and the rest time in Clearwater at the beach. My mom ended up giving us her banked time at Westgate Resort in Orlando. We ended making Orlando our homebase since it's only a 2 hour drive to Daytona or Clearwater from there. If we got too tired we would stay over night at a motel. Since we stayed in Orlando we also took in some attractions. We did Magic Kingdom, Typhoon Lagoon, Blizzard Beach and Medieval Times. We also got to the mall. We never made it to Daytona Beach. We did go to Clearwater beach, twice. We had a great time. We did spend some time with my mother. We also met up with JH's friend Aerin (not real name) in Gainesville. They had the most adorable 3 month old baby. Didn't want to leave vacation at all. Had a great time. By the end, I got 2 shades darker and JH got burned unfortunately.

We have a new trip planned at end of the month. This is more work than pleasure. We are going to Vegas with my brother to help my father move to a new place. JH's parents are also coming. This will be our parents first meeting. This will be very fun. Hopefully we get time for some pleasure. JH is looking forward to going to Max Brenner's in Caesar's Palace. He has the worst sweet tooth. I am also looking forward to seeing JH's parents again. I like them a lot.

JH is great to travel with. He's a joy to be around. But then again, I'm a bit biased. Only thing, make sure the GPS works, lol.

Until the next post. It may be for our anniversary for relationship and living together.

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