Tuesday, August 2, 2011


KakuroX was purchased during my Sudoku phase. I wanted all puzzle games that were related. I stumbled upon this game. At that point there were only a handful of of games developed for Kakuro. I chose this app because it was free and it looked decent in the pics in the App Store. 
KX 1 
When you open the game you are greeted with a new game. 
KX 3 
If you want different puzzle all you had to do was touch menu. 
KX 2 
When I purchased, the game only had Kakuro but an update put Sudoku in. I have not touched the Sudoku. I have another Sudoku game for my iPhone which renders this part of the game redundant for me. 
If you decide to choose a new game, you will get a choice on how in-depth the game will be. You get to choose the grid from 4x4 to 9x9 and the difficulty level; easy to hard. 
KX 4 
So you get to cover a variety of puzzles. If there is a limitation on the game, I haven't encountered it yet. It's pretty fun. 
What I don't like is that you can't see what puzzle #s you have completed and the time it took to complete. This is just a minor issue. The game is straight to the point. You open up the game, you play the game. There is no pretense. This game will keep you busy. It graphically holds up. There are many Kakuro games in the app store now, but I'm happy with this one. 
You can find KakuroX in the iTunes App Store for $0.99. There is also a Lite version for Free.


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