Monday, August 22, 2011

Words With Friends Free

Words With Friends is a basic "Scrabble" game. This game is on multiple platforms: iPhone, Android and Facebook. I recently took up the game on iPhone. I can no longer play games on Facebook now that I now use secure browsing. This game does connect to Facebook so you can play the game with your friends. Lordkaosu tried the game on Android, but quickly gave it up. He does not like board games. 
This game is not a standalone game. It requires a data connection and friends to play with. You can't play a game against the computer. You can play with FB friends or you can get a random set up. It's also not a game to play on your commute unless you have full data connection. You also have to wait on your friends to make their move. The games can drag on because of that. 
I chose the free version of the game. I don't mind the ads. If I were constantly on the game I would probably have a different opinion. This is a very casual game. 
Visually the game is pleasing. Game play has little quirks but very manageable. Your finger is too big to see where you are placing the tile. That is all. Like I said, the game is very simple. 
When you start the app for the first time, you get to see the following screen: 
WWF 1 
Once you played the game you'll get the screens where it lists your moves, your friends' moves or to create new games. 
WWF 2 
WWF 3 
Once you choose a game, you get to a very typical Scrabble board. You will see 7 tiles assigned to you. To play, you just drag the tile to the board to the correct location. 
WWF 4 
After you make your word, you press play. Game will tally your score and give you new tiles to replace the ones you used. This is the point you will receive the most obnoxious ads. 
WWF 5 
Then you go right back to the Your Move, Their Move section of the main screen. 
I do not know how the game ends since I have 10 games open for more than a week because of waiting for friends to make their move. I assume it ends like a typical Scrabble game. 
There is just so much you can do with this game. It's way too dependent on the social than the gaming. Until they change it up a bit, this game will not be on my must play list. It's lukewarm in my opinion. 
Words With Friends can be found on Facebook Games for free. In the iTunes App store: ad version is free, without ads is $1.99. Lastly on the Android Market for free.


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