It’s my first day at my new company, H&S. I was nervous and excited because it was my first job as an Accounting Manager at a high profile PR/Event planning company.
I made sure to wear the cutest outfit to stand out and look the part. I arrive 10 minutes early to make a good impression. When I walked in, my new supervisor greeted me with a hug and smile. She proceeds to take me by the hand to show me where I’ll be sitting.
She walked me down an isle of completely white cubicles. As I walked by I noticed something strange. I didn’t want to acknowledge it so I put it to the back of my mind to ask later. My boss turned a corner and it got dark really quick. Where was this woman taking me? My palms got clammy thinking she was leading me to a dungeon.
She led me to a tiny room, the size of a walk in closet. Inside there were three desks with four six-drawer file cabinets. The decor was dark brown; a vast difference from all the bright white cubicles in the main area. The room had one window that was boarded shut.  Okay, my spirits are sinking. What have I gotten myself into? My boss told me to settle in and come to her office when I’m finished. I hid my purse in my drawer and hung my coat. As I left my office, my eyes had to readjust to the bright lights. As I walk to my boss’s office the disturbing trend is blaring at me. It’s beginning to haunt my thoughts. I need to know why all the desks only have a white Apple computer and orange accessories. There was not a single sheet of paper on anyone’s desk. Not a pen. Not even any type of personalization at all. Do these people work?
I get to my boss’s office. It was what I remembered when I came for my interview. I sit down when she gestures to. She proceeds to tell me the rules to live by. My desk must always be tidy. I must have my work completed by deadline. Afterwards she takes me for a tour of the office while introducing me to the employees. We passed two gorgeous offices with glass doors and walls. I assumed the offices were for Mrs. H and Ms S. Mrs. H was in her office when we were introduced. My boss informed me that Ms S mainly works out of Los Angeles but she will be here today.
I walked back into the cave that was my office after the introductions. I am working when a white and beige Shih Tzu leapt onto my lap and onto my desk. I proceeded to lift the dog from my desk. Just as I was placing the dog onto the floor, a blond woman screamed. I have no idea what I had done wrong. The woman grabs my arm, forcing me to stand.
Bewildered and reluctant, I was forced to follow this woman to where she was leading. Ms S shoved me into her office and demanded that I sit down. She slammed her door shut behind her and made her way around her desk.
She demanded to know who I was. I told her my name and my job. She proceeded to tear me a new hole. She tells me that under no circumstances am I to touch her precious dog. If her pooch wants to be on my desk I must let him until he decides to leave. So I must find a way to work around him without touching him. I must not have paper accumulated on my desk while I work. I’m permitted one sheet if it’s important. After she finished off her rant she proceeds to take out a form and started to write fervently. When she stopped writing she shoved the paper to my side of her desk and hands me a pen. When I look at the paper Ms S had given me, I was taken aback. She had written me up for touching her precious pooch. She wanted my signature so she can put it in my employee file! I just signed the paper and left. She then yells at me for getting up before she dismissed me. I left her office shell-shocked.
As I numbly walk back to my cave, a fellow coworker came up to me and said…… “Welcome To H&S!”