Sunday, August 21, 2011

WD Writing Prompt Contest #10

 When I first told my family about me being a vampire, they didn’t believe me. I tried my best to break it down for them. Let me tell you about when I broke the news.
I decided to tell my father first. I flew to Las Vegas to visit him. He was happy to see me. We were seated in the family room when I ended up telling him. He just shook his head and told me that he always admired my imagination. I told him I was serious. He patted my knee and told me that vampires do not exist. I was dumbfounded. I told him to look at my eyes. He said nice contacts. It seems that whatever amazing act I shown him, he didn’t believe. What could I do to make my father believe me?  He has to know what I am. So I lift him up in my arms and take him out into his backyard and take off into the sky. I flew above the infamous Las Vegas Stip. I set him down on top of the Eiffel Tower of the Paris Casino where people wouldn’t be able to see us. There I asked him again if he believed me. But he was frozen and unresponsive. I feared that I may have given my father a heart attack but he was just in shock. I brought him back home. He left me standing in his living room as he went to his bedroom.
Within 20 minutes of me pacing, my father emerged from his room and came down. He stood in front of me and stared at me. He then asked me if I was a murderer. I told him that I don’t kill for sport. I kill to live. I do not target innocent people to kill. I seek out the killers, the rapists and all people who would normally go to hell when they die. I just speed to process along. He just sat there. I asked him if he wished me to leave. He looked at me and said no. He said that this news is shocking. He has to let it settle in his mind for a bit. I stayed with him for a couple more days before I left to visit my mother.
I arrived at my mom’s place in Florida. I knock at her door and she immediately opens the door. In shock, she asks what I was doing there. I told her I came to visit and to tell her something important. She doesn’t even invite me in. I had to ask if I could come inside. She moved out the door way to let me in. She then starts the nagging. Like a machine gun, she keeps on firing questions at me. Did I get fired? Am I getting married? My mom is a trip. With 20 years worth of experience behind me, I find that not answering her questions will make her stop eventually. However, ignoring her comes with a price. She then tells me all the stuff I should be doing with my life. I am starting to lose my patience. Once a vampire loses its patience, no good will come of it. I plead to my mother to stop harassing me. I have to get out of there. I tell her I’ll be right back. I walk out the door and took off to the air.
I fed quickly and returned. I walked in and found her sitting on her bed. I gave her a kiss on the cheek. She patted the bed next to her for me to sit down. I sit down and bluntly told her that I was a vampire. She asked if I was abusing drugs or alcohol. I had to laugh out loud. I told her no. She looked at me with a blank expression for a second and then her face contorted as if she was in the presence of evil. She called me a devil and I need to get out of her face. She said that to me, her own daughter; her flesh and blood. I stood up and walked to my room that I use when I visit.
Three hours later, my mother walked into in the room. She asked me if it hurt when I turned. I told her yes. Then she asked me what are the pro’s and con’s of being one. I told her that I was pretty impervious to most things. I’ll live nearly forever. The only negative thing I can see is that I will outlive my loved ones. My mother then said I didn’t have to. That comment took me by surprise. I asked her what she meant. She looked me dead in my eyes and asked me to turn her. I can’t believe she asked me that. I was just the devil. I can never figure her out.
I love my mom but I don’t think I can stand her for forever. I fear that she would become a ruthless killer. She’ll get drunk off of her power. I told her I would think about it. I don’t know what to do. I love my mom. I just don’t care for her at times. She’s a dictator. Would you turn Napoleon into a vampire? She asks if my silver eyes hold any significant power. I told her I can see in the dark with same clarity as if it were daylight. She asked me if I knew all the power I have. I told her no. She then said she didn’t want me to turn her. I let out a huge silent sigh of relief. She said she wanted the guy who turned me to turn her. Ouch! She told me that she didn’t want me to turn her. I am too immature to know how. I said that I didn’t know where he is. With the vilest look from my mother she told to leave and to never come back unless I find an experienced vampire that can turn her. I was so shocked I didn’t know what to do. I restrained myself as best as I could. I snarled showing my fangs. She backs up against the wall. I walked up to her, close enough that I felt her breath on my cheek, and whispered in her ear, “goodbye forever.”  I move away and walked to the door. I opened the door and took to the air. In one instance I just lost my relationship with my mother.
And that’s how I ended up being estranged from my mother for the past 10 years. 

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