Friday, August 19, 2011

Relationships Will Defy Race

Recently there have been multiple articles discussing the supposedly trend of Black women dating and marrying White men. In these articles they make out that Black men are mostly delinquents. They make mention that White men are our saviors. In all these articles they don't make mention of Black men dating every other race. They don't mention anything about White women dating every other race. Neither about White men. They are just focusing on Black women. Why is this even a topic to begin with? It's irrelevant.

This focus makes it seem like we are beneath all. We are not beneath anyone. We are equal to everyone. I'm quite tired of the racists who harp on this topic just because they don't like inter-racial relationships between Black and White people. However, the other races out there are fine. That is utter bullshit.

The articles make out the White men are better than Black men. Some White men may be more privileged but they are not better. They are the same. They both play the same games when dating. They both do horrible stuff to land them in jail. They both work at jobs. They both do all in their power at times to prolong having to settle down. Men like to sow their oats and live the fun life without responsibilities. Only differences may be in culture. For example, it's a known fact that Jewish men must marry a Jewish woman for religious and cultural reasons. However, that doesn't apply to all Jewish men. Some break tradition and marry outside their cultural norm. I am a product of that.

Who is it to say that we must stick to our race? Why do Black women have to wait for love from our Black men? Love is blind. It sees no race. Racists see the color lines. In the near future there will not be a pure race. Hell, I don't think there is one this day and age. With so much cross breeding during slavery, the inquisition, and all the conquering of lands in the past, men slept with or raped women off all races. Children have been born of these actions. So who really is pure? Screw color lines.

People who love each other should just be together. Who cares about anything else? If you are happy with your other girlfriend/boyfriend, do not let outside idiots influence your relationship. Keep your relationship just between the two of you.

It really pains me that no matter how far we progress, idiots find a way to put a dark cloud on it. Let's stop focusing on race. Let's focus on how we can improve our economy and get the unemployment rate drastically down. All the energy idiots use to write stupid articles could be used to write about the hungry and uneducated. They need the spotlight on them. That's it for now.

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