Friday, August 19, 2011

Bubble Bust!

Every now and then the iTunes App Store has sales; paid to free or severely reduced price. I really do not keep up with them. My boyfriend, [info]lordkaosu, does. He also knows what type of games I enjoy. When the game Bubble Bust! full version by Game On was free for a day, he told me to go get it. I love bubble popper type (I know that's not the correct terminology for it) games. I downloaded it immediately. 
BB 1 
When the game starts up you get a simple start screen. Only three options: options, play and more games. 
BB 2 
If you select options, you get multiple choices to tweak. I just mute game sounds because I don't need everyone around me know I'm playing games. It's really none of their business. 
BB 7 
When you are finally ready to play, you come to a screen with game levels. There is a mixture of numbered levels and levels that has a red coin slot. Those slot levels require coins that you have obtained during regular level play. Towards the end of the list, all the levels are slotted levels. You will have to repeat past levels to obtain coins in order to play. This is fine with me. More to play. 
BB 3 When you select your level, you come to a typical bubble popper screen; with a bubble launcher and some colored bubbles on the screen. 
BB 4 
The object of the game is to rid the board of bubbles and retrieving a key at the top. You remove bubbles by matching the colors; minimum of 3 of the same. As you play, bubbles lower. You do not want them to move past the line near the launcher. If you do you lose. 
BB 5 As you continuously pop bubbles, they raise up. You score as you pop bubbles and make combinations. As you get to further levels you get more traps and aids. When you reach the top and pop the bubble with key you beat the level. You do not have to match colors to retrieve key if it's out in the open. 
BB 6 Once you beat level, you can continue to next, select another level or return to the main menu. You can easily just do a level in a short time span. It doesn't force you into another level immediately. 
I find great enjoyment from this game and similar ones. I can see me finishing this game in matter of weeks unless they update it. I have received an update for this game since I got it. I am looking forward to one. Give me more levels!!! 
Bubble Bust! can be found in the iTunes App Store for $0.99. There is also a free Lite Version if you want to try.


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