Hi. My name is Madison. I am a bit different from most people. I have silver eyes and my complexion is compared to caramel. To most people they believe I am wearing designer contacts. So I let them believe that. It diverts them from what I truly am. Some people think that I am a mixed child but both my parents are Black. I am about 3 shades lighter than both. I used to think I was adopted growing up, but my mother reassured me that I came out of her womb. We think somewhere down our blood line there may have been some Caucasian blood mixed with ours.
I was born in NYC in September in the year of 1975. That makes me 32 years young today. I was approximately 6 pounds at birth. I was a happy baby. My mom loved to put my hair into 2 ponytails, like Pippi Longstockings. My eyes were the deepest brown. They looked nearly black. I was the apple of her eyes until I turned 3, then a lot changed. I became the apple my dad’s eyes.
Enough about my family matters. I came here to tell you how I confessed my secret to my parents. I am entrusting you with my secret also. Are you ready? Here it is.
I am a vampire.
Yes really, a vampire. I am not pale and yes I can go out in the day time. All that you have read in books and seen on TV or in the movies are myths, folklore. There’s a lot to be said about vampires. There are many out there. We are usually solitary type of people. The next time you go to a bar, look around. If you spot anyone with silver eyes stay clear of them. They just might be hungry.
I was turned in the wee hours of the night on my 25th birthday by a gorgeous man. He had the most beautiful silver eyes that I have ever seen. That’s what attracted me to him. I never encountered eyes like that before. That should have been my warning. However, I was so enthralled with him. Besides the eyes, he was really intelligent and he listened to me as I rambled on and on about my fears and thoughts about life. Before you sit there and ask me why I was rambling on to a total stranger, I really can’t tell you. I guess I was caught in his spell. Just as the night was about to end, he asked me what was my biggest fear. I flat out told him. I am petrified of dying. I still am.
He told me that he could alleviate my fear permanently, but he never eluded how. Next thing you, know we ended up having a serious make out session. The session was so hot that I felt lightheaded, as if I was going to pass out. By time we broke apart he asked if he could take me home. Of course I complied. I was ready for session number 2 of making out plus whatever happens next. By the time we reached my place I started feeling deathly ill. He was so sweet. He stayed with me even though I was sick. I was vomiting and had some violent bathroom runs. I was so embarrassed for him to see me this way. He still stayed with me. Hell, he should be the one to marry after all of this.
When I started to feel better he then told me what he had done. I didn’t believe him at all. He told me to look in the mirror and look at my eyes. Without hesitation, I went straight to the mirror and noticed that I had the same eyes as he did. Then I felt parched. I felt like I was traveling through the Sahara Desert without water.
I ran to the kitchen for some water, but it just did not satisfy me. It just made it worst. Then the doorbell rang. I smelled the best aroma in the world. I was salivating. I wondered what the person on the other side of the door brought with them that smelled so good. I opened the door to a vagrant with empty hands. What the hell was he doing at my door and why did he smell so delicious? I pulled him inside and shut the door. I attacked him. My fangs descended and I bit my own tongue. I somehow pinpointed an artery and went for it. By time I was done there was blood nearly everywhere. I was scared shitless.  I just murdered someone. I am and always have been a good girl. I have never even gotten a traffic ticket.  But the worst part was that I was still thirsty. I looked at my guest and ran at him in thirst and in anger. He was able to keep me at bay for a while but I managed to get him. I fed on him for a while before he was able to push me off.
He was livid. His anger then turned into surprise. I’m surprised he didn’t kill me then. He helped me clean my apartment and dispose of the body of the vagrant.  He then told me all I needed to know about being and surviving as a vampire. He left me after that. He said he’ll come around once in a while to check up on me.
It took me nearly a year to tell my folks, since I turned. I tried to avoid seeing them as much as possible. I was scared that I may lose control and end up killing my own parents.  Once I got a handle on my thirst, I decided to tell the easier one of my parents first, my father. My parents have been divorced now for nearly 10 years.
My father is the closest to me. He’s like my best friend with limitations. As far as my memory serves me, my father has loved me unconditionally and supported me when I needed it. I doubted that telling him my secret would bother him much. He’ll understand.
I flew, literally, to Las Vegas to visit him. He was shocked to see me that March morning. But as elated he was to see me, he complained he doesn’t get to see me as often as he would like. We sat down and caught up with family gossip. He took me out on the street to shop. Once we got in the mall I excused myself from him for at least an hour. That killed two birds with one stone. I was thirsty and I didn’t want to sit there watching him look through hideous garments that he thought were great. What can I say? My father has questionable taste at times.
That night, we were seated in the family room watching TV when I ended up blurting out my secret. I told him that I was a vampire. He just shook his head and told me that he always admired my imagination. I told him that I was serious. He then tapped my knee and told me that vampires are mythical creatures. They do not exist. I was dumbfounded. He doesn’t believe me. I didn’t want to sound like a little kid trying to prove something, so I told him to watch me. I levitated in the air. He said nice trick. He had already seen David Blane at MGM Grand doing the same trick. I lifted him up. He said he’s lost a lot weight due to old age. It seems whatever amazing feat I show him, he didn’t believe me.
I told him to look at my eyes. He told me I had nice contacts. What could I do to make my father believe me? He should be the easy one. Why is he being so difficult? Is it that he doesn’t want to see anything else but the good in me? I want him to know what I am. As a last resort, I lifted him up in my arms and took him out into his backyard. I took off into the sky. I flew above the infamous Las Vegas Strip. I set him down on top of the Eiffel Tower of the Paris Casino where people wouldn’t be able to see us. There I asked him again if he believed me. But he was frozen and unresponsive. I feared that I may have given my father a heart attack. He was just in shock. I picked him back up and brought him home. He left me standing in his living room and he went to his bedroom.
Maybe that was a bit too much? He is over 60 years old. It would be easy to read his mind, but I may find out things I may not want to know. Plus I don’t want to invade his privacy. Within 20 minutes of me pacing, my father emerged from his room. He stood in front of me and stared at me. He then asked me if I was a murderer. I sat him down and told him what I do to survive. I told him that I don’t kill for sport. I kill to live. I do not target innocent people, in my opinion, to kill. I seek out the killers, the rapists and all people who would normally go to hell when they die. I just speed to process along. He just sat there. I asked him if he wanted me to leave. He looked at me and said no. He said that this news is shocking. He has to let it settle in his mind for a bit.
I stayed with him for a couple more days. I let him see me as I am now. I did not take him on my feeding trips. That would be too much. I let him see my fangs though and other powers. By the time I left, he was comfortable with what I am. He was happy that I could visit more often.
Now I am on to my mother’s house, the parent that I’d rather avoid. I arrived at my mother’s place in Florida 2 days later. I had to feed overtime so I can have some reserves. My mother tries my patience. I knock at her door. She opens the door in shock. She asks what I am doing here. I told her I came to visit and to tell her something important. I get no love, she doesn’t even invite me in. I had to ask if I could come inside. She moved out the door way to let me in. She then starts the nagging. I should’ve told her I was coming. She could’ve picked me up from the airport. Why aren’t I at work? You know the usual nagging. Like a machine gun, she keeps on firing questions at me. Did I get fired? Am I getting married? Am I pregnant? I just stared at her. My mom is a trip. With 20 years worth of experience behind me, I find that not answering her questions will make her stop eventually. However, ignoring her also comes with a price. She then tells me all the stuff I should be doing with my life. I am starting to lose my patience. Now do you understand why I had to feed overtime? Once a vampire loses its patience, no good will come of it. I plead to my mother to stop harassing me. She plays the innocent role and asks if a mother can’t ask her daughter questions. You see how manipulative she is? I have to get out of there. I’m thirsty. I tell her I’ll be right back. She asked where I’m going and points out that I don’t have car. I just told her I’ll go the same way I came. She looked at me with a puzzled expression. I walk out the door, closed the door and took off to the air.
I fed quickly and returned. This time I didn’t have to knock. She left the door open. I walked in and found her sitting on her bed. I walk in and gave her a kiss on the cheek. She looked up and smiled. Then she asked how I was able to disappear so quickly. I just told her that I have my ways. She patted the bed next to her for me to sit down. I sit down and bluntly told her that I was a vampire. She looked at me like I lost my mind. She asked if I was abusing drugs or alcohol. I had to laugh out loud. I told her no. I repeated myself. I told her I was a vampire. She looked at me with a blank expression for a second and then her face contorted as if she was in the presence of evil. She called me a devil. That I was going to hell and I need to get out of her face. She said that to me, her own daughter, her flesh and blood. I looked at her in shock. I stood up and walked slowly to my room that I use when I visit. I’ll let her calm down.
I turned on the TV that was in the room. I watched a movie on HBO. I was watching a cartoon by time my mother walked into in the room. She sat down the bed next to me. She asked me if it hurt when I turned. I told her yes. Then she said that I was always like a vampire when I was growing up. I was a night owl. I was more prone to getting stuff done at night. I looked at her with a smile. Then I told her that is was a stereotype that vampires can only be awake at night. She nodded. Then she asked me what are the pro’s and con’s of being one. The question took me by surprise. I never thought of it like that. I rather enjoy being a vamp. I told her that I was pretty impervious to most things. The only thing that can really kill me is either decapitation or if I’m torn to shreds. I’ll live nearly forever if the previous two events never happen. The only negative thing I can see is that I will outlive my loved ones. My mother then told me I didn’t have to. That comment took me by surprise. It made me sit up on the bed so I can really pay her attention. My mom is the queen of side swiping. I gave her a confused look before I asked her what she meant. She looked me dead in my eyes and asked me to turn her. I was floored. I can’t believe she asked me that. I was just the devil and going to hell and now she wants to join me. I can never figure her out.
I love my mom but I don’t think I can stand her for forever. Who wants to be nagged forever? She’s a woman who likes to pass judgment on others, innocent or guilty. I fear that she would be a ruthless killer. She’ll get drunk off of her power. Am I being selfish? I told her I would think about it. Then she looks at me really hard.
I’m really at a loss. I don’t know what to do. My gut tells me not to do it. The little girl in me wants me to do anything to please my mom so she would love me. I love my mom, don’t get me wrong. I just don’t care for her at times. Is that so wrong of me to say? She’s a no nonsense, do as you are told type of woman, a dictator. Would you turn Napoleon into a vampire? Hitler? Okay, Hitler’s a bit too much. But I ‘m trying to prove my point. It took me two days to make my decision. It took a lot of feeding too. However, before I told mom my decision, I decided to take her with me to feed. I wanted her to see the gruesome way we vamps eat. It’s rather quite gentle, but I didn’t want her to know that. I wanted her to see the victim beg for mercy. I wanted her to experience death from violence. In my amazement it didn’t affect her at all.
On the ride back to her house, she comments on my eyes. She asks if the reason they are silver hold any significance to any particular power. I told her I really don’t know. Only thing is that I can see in the dark with same clarity if it were daylight. She asked me if I knew all the power I have. I told her I didn’t. She started fussing at me, again, about why didn’t learn anything about vampires before I decided to become one. That annoyed me greatly, but I just shook my head and told her that I didn’t decide to become a vampire. It was thrust upon me without any prior knowledge or consent. By time I knew what was happening, it was too late. She looked at me again as if I lost my mind. Then she mumbled it must have been a guy. I just shook my head. We were silent the rest of the ride home.
Once we got inside the house my mom looked at me coldly and said she doesn’t want me to turn her. I let out a huge silent sigh. I was happy that she changed her mind. I hugged her out sheer relief. When I let go of her, she looked me dead in the eye and said she wanted the guy who turned me to turn her. Ouch. That was a slap in the face. I looked at her dumbfounded. With sass she told me that she didn’t want me to turn her because I am too immature to know how. That’s my mother for you. I looked at her coldly and said that I don’t know where he is.
With the vilest look from my mother, she told to leave and to never come back unless I find an experienced vampire that can turn her. What happened to loving your child unconditionally? I was so shocked I didn’t know what to do. In one fell swoop I just lost whatever type of my relationship I had with my mother. My temper was rising. I was in prime mode to strike. I restrained myself as best as I could. I looked at her, snarled showing my fangs. She backs up against her wall. I smelt her fear. I walked up to her, close enough that I felt her breath on my cheek, and whispered in her ear, “goodbye.”  I moved away and walked to the door. She yells after me saying it doesn’t have to be a goodbye if I only brought another vampire. She just didn’t get it. I just shook my head, open the door and took to the air.
I went to visit my father after I told my mother. I told him what happened. He nearly fell out the chair laughing. I was shocked. That I didn’t expect. I thought he would be concerned. He then asked me if I ever realized that my mom has been in competition with me all these years. And now I have something that she can’t get. I told him that I never realized it. I was too busy trying to get her to love me. He just patted my knee and said she does in her own way and I shouldn’t go out of my way to try to get her love. It was a nice talk. My father knows how to make me feel better.
I haven’t visited my mom for nearly 5 years since then. I did check on her during that period. I love her so I will always look out for her. Looking in hindsight, I should’ve been prepared for how my mother reacted. She still is in search of a vampire to turn her. That’ll probably never happen. If it does, I’ll be prepared.
Now that I told you how I told my parents my secret, can I trust you with it? Or do I have to come find you?