Monday, August 22, 2011

WD Writing Prompt Contest #12

It’s a late Friday evening when Bob finally gets off of work. He had worked some serious overtime getting the company’s financials ready for the audit that was coming Monday morning.
On his way home he gets a call on his cell from his long time pal, Charlie. He’s known Charlie for nearly 20 years. Charlie invites him to a bar for drinks. Bob tries to explain how tired he was, but Charlie would not take no for an answer. Bob conceded and said he’ll meet him inside the bar.
Bob heads to the bar with anticipation. Charlie is known to party really hard and find the most unusual spots to hang out. The last place Charlie took Bob was a tattoo bar. What is a tattoo bar? It’s a breeding place for hepatitis.
He finally arrives at the address and was surprised that the place looked like a normal, everyday, run of the mill bar, from the outside. He sees people seated at the bar talking through the window outside. That was a good sign. He makes up his mind to enter.
He approaches the door when this giant of a man asks for his identification. After he shows his id, the man lets him enter the bar. Once inside, a young woman approaches him and asks him if he was here alone. Bob responds saying that he’s supposed to meet his friend here. She inquires who his friend was. Bob tells her Charlie’s name. She nods in acknowledgement. Then she escorts him to the bar. She explains where the restrooms were, hands him a wine list and then stresses that he is not allowed behind the curtains until his friend arrive. That piqued Bob’s curiosity. He remembers the giant man who checked his id and decided he was not going to test his curiosity.
Bob orders a gin and tonic from the bartender and spun around to people watch as he waited for Charlie. He saw a lot of women go in out of the curtain. Just as he was going to turn back toward the bartender, Charlie arrived at the bar.
“Hey man. What’s up?” Charlie yells and then hugs Bob.
“Nothing much man. Just tired” Bob responds.
“How long have you been waiting?”
“Not long. Maybe 10 minutes or so.”
“So how you like the place?”
“I really can’t say. Just been sitting here waiting. “
“Cool. Cool. Come, follow me. You are going to have a blast!”
Bob gets down off the bar stool he was sitting on and follows Charlie. As they were walking, Charlie was stopped multiple times to greet folks and to shake hands. Charlie finally made his way to the curtains.
“Charlie, what’s going on in there?” Bob asks in a worried tone.
“It’s cool. As long as you stay with me, you’ll be fine.” Charlie states. Then he entered through the curtains.
Bob finally goes through the curtains and had the biggest shock of his life. He walked in and found a fully fledged casino. He couldn’t believe it. The bar was a cover up.
Charlie spots the surprise on Bob’s face, “Time to have some fun!”
“Where did you find this place?” Bob asks.
“Mutual friend.” Charlie responds.
“I never knew these places existed. I’ve seen them in movies, but damn.” Bob says with astonishment.
“Welcome to the big leagues, baby.” Charlie exclaims, grinning.
Charlie walks to a lounge area and sits down on a couch and Bob follows. Just as Bob takes a seat a waitress comes over and asks for their drink orders. Bob gets another gin and tonic and Charlie ordered an apple martini.
“So how’s life been treating you man? Haven’t seen you for a couple of months.” Charlie asks.
“You know me. Working. Chilling. Scoping out couple of ladies” Bob replies.
“Go ahead, man.” Charlie slaps Bob on the back.
Looking around from the couch, “I should invite one of the chicks here with me the next time.”
“Yo! Do not tell anyone about this place unless you trust them completely. You’d get this placed locked down.”
“Alright man, I got you. Mum’s the word. How do I come back if I want?”
“Let me hook you up!” Charlie says beckoning a tall bald man. “Johnny, my boy here wants to become a member. Hook him for me.”
“No problem.” Johnny replied.
“Do I have to sign my life away?” Bob asks with amusement.
“No. Just your soul.” Johnny answers with a smirk.

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