Thursday, September 29, 2011

Minesweeper Q

I had an urge to play Minesweeper. I know it's a Windows game, but hey you never know what you may find on the App Store. I did a search and found a few ports of the game. However, there was another game called Minesweeper Q by Spica. Looking at the pictures I decided to get the game. 
MQ 1 
Minesweeper is a logic game. You have to figure out a flag mines as you clear the board. You get clues by uncovering numbers. The numbers tell you how many mines are touching it. You have up to 8 ways it can touch: 4 sides or 4 corners. However I have not seen an 8 in the game for the years I've played the game. Numbers can share mines with other numbers too. So it is up to you to figure out where the mine is. If you hit a mine, the game is over. You only win when you flag all the mines and the board is otherwise clear. 
The game has 3 levels like the original: easy, intermediate and advanced. You also get a level for custom games. 
What I like about this game is that you can choose how your gameboard looks. 
MQ 3 MQ6 MQ7 MQ9 MQ8 MQ10 
I like the snow whales board. It's just more pleasant to me. Trust me, it doesn't make the game any easier. You also have 2 modes you can play in: normal and quick flagging. I stick with the normal mode. Don't like the feel of the quick flagging. 
MQ 2 MQ11 
Overall this game is wonderful. Love playing it. I don't play it everyday, but when I do, I'm playing the advanced level. I have not beaten a game yet on advanced. They know how to strike the sore loser/determined nerve of mine. I'm going to beat a game; I swear!!!! 
Minesweeper Q can be found in the iTunes App Store for Free. You can upgrade to the full version (Platinum) in App or purchase from the App Store for $0.99.


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