Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Journey Week 2

So I've been doing this WW thing for 2 weeks now. It's going pretty well. I'm learning to pick the proper choices when I eat. I've also been drinking a ton of water. How is it going? Great. I have lost 8 POUNDS!!!!

Yes!!! I'm so happy!!! I lost 5 in first week and 3 this last week. Mind you I haven't started the exercise routine yet!! Hot damn! I'll be my goal weight sooner than later.

How am I liking this program? It's pretty good. It's more like teaching me how to eat better. It's transforming my eating habits. It's a struggle when you put what I like in front of me. It's a battle of self control. It's not like you are denied any food, it's what choices of food you eat.

You are given 29 points a day plus an additional 49 to spend during the week. Points do not roll over. Let's just concentrate on the 29 a day. This is where the decisions lie. You have to decide what will keep you in that point range. It is not good to be under it. If you go over it, then you tap into the 49 extra points. Let's say you are a McDonald's fry addict. Do you know the small takes up 11 points? That's a lot of points that's going to leave you hungry. You only have 18 points left for the day. All the stuff that you love are probably bad for you have high point values. Let's take my soup I had the other day. It was Sweet Corn Chowder. We (my friend and I who are doing the program together) believed this is a pretty healthy choice. We thought wrong. It took 18 points!!! We were just so pissed because we both had used 7 points for breakfast already. Now we only had 5 points left for dinner. The moral here is to make wise choices to what will fill you up for less points. Sometimes you careful decision will not work out for you.

One great thing about this plan is that fruit and vegetables counts as zero (0) points. You can have as much of it as you like. Vegetable like corn does not count as a vegetable though. The next great thing is the extra 49 points a week. If you know you are going out somewhere special during the week, you can save them for that occasion and eat what you like. Another great thing is that if you exercise, you gain back some points you can use daily.

My trick with this program is to drink mostly water. This is where I used to consume most of my fat. I love soda and Arizona Iced Green Tea. I actually miss drinking them. I do have an alternative: diet soda. It comes to 0 points but it tastes.... not so good. I also drink iced tea without sugar. Drinking all this water has me running for the bathroom a lot more than I care to. Sometimes I just hold it because I'm too stubborn to leave my desk. I know I'll damage my bladder and various other issues, but come on? I really can't be leavingy desk frequently just for the bathroom. I feel like I'm a smoker that has to get a nicotine fix.

Anyway, my journey is going well so far. This week I'm saving my excess points for my birthday. This should be fun. I'll give another update in the future.

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