Saturday, September 24, 2011

Birthday Blow Out

This birthday, September 23, 2011, has by far been the best birthday I've had in a long time. It has become the epicenter of all things great. All thanks should be to JH. He really made it worth it.

JH has been dying to give me something for my birthday all week. I kept telling him to give me on my birthday. Thursday night before my birthday he had to go out and said he was going to be home by bed time. When he got home, we went thru our normal routine we go thru at night. After we finished we were laying around in bed when he asked if he could give me my gift at midnight. I said it's technically my birthday so yes.

When the cable box turned it's last red digit to make Thursday cease and Friday to begin, JH smiled with the brightest smile that could light up a whole room. He then asked me if I could still see ourselves together for the rest of our lives. I said of course. Then he leaned over and took a red box out of the nightstand and proposed. OMG!!!! I do remember if I said yes first, tackled him first or put the ring on first. I know all 3 happened. I was so happy and teary eyed. I ran downstairs to show my brother first.

I came back and hugged and kissed JH so many more times before I called my parents. I decided to call my mom first since she was on my time zone and it was late. I woke her up but my news was by far more important than sleep. After telling her, I tried calling my dad. We played tagged numerous times before we got to connect. When I finally got ahold of him, my mother called JH. I told my dad. After the congrats and I love you's, he asked when is the date. I laughed. I just got the ring we haven't even discussed it yet. JH told me that my mom asked him the same thing.


I was too wired to sleep, but somehow I did fall asleep. I woke up thinking I had the most wonderful dream. To find out it was true was even more wonderful. I unfortunately had to go to work. I sat on the train just staring at my left ring finger. I felt so surreal.

Work went by pretty well. Got lots of birthday wishes and congrats. The office was pretty dead and I could barely concentrate at all. What made it even better, was my boss ducked out early. He was only in the office for 15 mins. I may have to deal with him on Monday. However, JH was picking me up for further birthday fun.

We went to dinner at Monster Sushi since Hana Sushi was closed. Then we made our way to Dylan's Candy Shop and then we caught a movie: Straw Dogs. It definitely was not a birthday movie, but Eric Northman was pretty good in it.

At end of the night, we were both tuckered out. We didn't get home until after midnight, Saturday. I had a blast. I am getting married to the most wonderful man and will be a part of his wonderful family. My family has embraced him as well. I hope he feels that. Everyone I've introduced him to likes him so he's got it made in the shade, literally, lol.

I will keep you posted on details.

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