Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Ringer - Season Premeire

I am a big fan of Sarah Michelle Gellar. Been a fan since her start. I don't know why. Maybe in some way I feel a kinship. I was disappointed when Hollywood typecasted her as "Buffy" and then "Horror Queen". So I was excited she was starring in a new show this season called Ringer. It is classified as a noire. I love noire anime, so the show should be good.

The show is about twins who want to get away from their lives because of dangerous situations. One twin is a recovering junkie (Bridget Kelly)and the other is a rich woman (Siobhan Martin). Bridget twin meets up with rich sister in what seems like a stressful situation. Siobhan informs Bridget that her husband and town has no idea that she had a sister much less a twin. Bridget is trying to mend their relationship. Something regarding the death of Siobhan's son. She is running for her life from some big time criminal who got acquitted after her testimony. They go out on a boat then Bridget falls asleep and Siobhan disappears. Bridget wakes up to missing sister and then just assumes her identity.

Bridget is trying to adapt and learn her sister's schedule, family and friends. Police is questioning her about herself. No one realizes that she's not Siobhan. Bridget finds out the hard way that Siobhan was not perfect and has some serious issues. She's sleeping with her best friend's husband. Her marriage is a stressful arrangement. Has a stepdaughter who hates her. To top it off, someone's trying to kill her. So Bridget finds herself in another pickle.

By the end of the episode, we find out that Siobhan is supposed to be pregnant. How is Bridget going to show this when she's not. And we find out Siobhan is really in Paris. With whom? We don't know.

My opinion on this episode is a bit murky. I like the show so far. I can see how it can progress. What I need from the director and team is better transitions. They didn't bother go over the thought process of Bridget assuming Siobhan's life. One moment she's looking at her sister's ring then next she wakes up in her sister's bed. To me that was a very important transition. What was going thru her mind to assume Siobhan's life. Why didn't she report her missing sister? I know the reason, but it could've shown a struggle of conscience. That was lost without the transition. Hopefully the future episodes will have better transitions.

Stay tuned for next episode's review.

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