Thursday, September 29, 2011

Call of Atlantis

My boyfriend, JH, told me that Call of Atlantis (full version) was on sale on the App Store. This is usually how I find a good chunk of my apps. He knows me pretty well. He told me since I like Puzzle Quest on Xbox that I may like the game. It's a game of bejeweled with added features. Plus it was on sale on the app store for free. I can't knock free. 
COA 1 
CoA is like a historical quest of ancient times to restore the powers of Atlantis. To do this you have to search for relics in multiple ancient civilizations: Egypt, Carthage et al. 
Upon opening the game you get to the following scene: 
COA 2 
You can change your settings by going to the options. I personally turn sound off. No one needs to hear me play games on public transportation. 
COA 3 
In order to get relics, they must drop from the board. You have to get them to the bottom row of the grid. They automatically drop once there. The object is to match items in the minimum of 3. 
COA 5 COA 6 
There are 6 boosts in game play. 
1. Gem: Located in middle of the bottom of your screen, below playing grid. If you match more than 4 items at a time, you power the gem. Once fully powered, if you tap it, it will randomly eliminate items off of the grid. 
2. Heart: located in the playing grid. You get this & the next 4 boosts by letting them drop from the board. The heart gives you extra lives. You start the game with 3 lives. Theses lives are life savers on levels that are extremely hard. 
3. Bomb: the bomb detonates where you place it on the grid. It'll remove item obstacles. It will not remove stone obstacles. 
4. Lightning Bolt: This will eliminate all of the same items in the grid. Handy at times. I rarely use this. Only when one item is in my way and I can't make a match. 
5. Hour Glass: This is greatly needed in the more difficult levels. It gives extra time to the clock when the clock is running down. 
Last but not least.... 
6. Sync: The symbol looks like the sun symbol but it does not perform the same. This function is for swapping items. Very handy when you are near an obstacle. However, you cannot swap a relic piece. I never used these boosts until towards the end of the game. 
At end of each game you complete a relic. At the end of each land you have to restore the relics to where it belongs. Once you start a new land you have to power the Jewel of Atlantis. This goes on for 6 to 7 different lands. 
COA 4 
Once you complete all the lands you start over again with levels a bit harder and items that hurt you than help you. 
My Opinion: 
When I first started the game I became a bit obsessive. However, down the road, the company put out an update. This update broke the game. You couldn't even launch the game; it crashed upon opening. I submitted a claim and they said they were working on a fix. The fix came 3 to 4 weeks later. I get back into the game because my boyfriend reminded. I then get to 3/4th of the game with 6 lives available. I start the next game. The minute it loads, the time is done and I lost a life. I tried 3 more times and lost 3 more lives the same way. Now I'm left with 2 lives. I again send company another claim and got the same answer. I put the game down for another 3 to 4 weeks. 
I decide to try it again. Lost another life. Now I'm down to 1. I still haven't seen an update to fix this issue. I said I'll try one more time and if I lose that 1 life I was not going to play this again. I was going to delete it off of my phone. I don't have patience after I put my time in and lose it because of a programmers issue. I got to actually play the game on my last life and was able to pass the level. I managed to secure 2 more lives in couple of levels later on. 
I completed one full circle of the land and played 2 to 3 games in the 2nd lap. I don't know if I want to continue. Maybe if they gave different relics I'd probably more keen on giving it a go. I just gotten the sequel on my iPad (another review another day). I haven't really seen a great reason to keep on. 
The game Is fun when you don't have programmer hiccups. Customer service can be more specific to helping and not shooting off form emails that we know you really don't know what the issue is. The standard autoreply should just state, "we received your claim, one of our programmers will look into your problem and will address it in a future email.". Other than that, the game has nice graphics and story. It was fun to play. 
Call of Atlantis can be found on iTunes App Store for $0.99. Currently it's on sale again for Free.


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