Thursday, October 6, 2011

Wedding Planning - Part 1

People say that the planning of a wedding is hard; finding the place, sending invites, etc. I am just beginning to plan my wedding and planning is not what's stressing me. The planning is going well so far. I'm dreading the gown purchasing. The planning for me isn't a beast because we are doing a "destination" wedding. The place we decide upon will already have packages the are already preset. I just add my touches to the packages; colors and some tweaks here and there. Simple.

Like I said, I am just at the beginning stages. We found our rings so far. My appointment for gown is in November. Dreading it. Hate wearing dresses. I'm going to have to get over it. It's one day.

One thing you hear is drama with guest list. Too many people want invitations. Parents want to invite the world. People you don't know. Why should you pay for folks you don't know? That's just not right. This day is about the bride and groom, not the parents. They should have the final say. Not the parents.

Another thing you hear is issues with RSVPs. You send invitation with plus 1 and firmly state "no children". What you receive is plus 2 or more that include children. How do you tell them no? That's hard. Maybe they can't find a sitter. There's not going to be enough food to feed the little ones. Now you have to find accommodations for the little ones. More money out of your pocket.

What is usually hush hush, that you don't hear too much about is the stress your parents put you under. Especially if they are divorced and hates each other. That is what's driving my planning crazy. Not my father, but my mother.

She doesn't want to come to my wedding in Las Vegas. Apparently I'm going there "because my father wanted it there". That is not the case.

Next issue, she's not involved in the planning of my wedding like she was with my sister's wedding. How can she be? She lives in Florida. When she help plan my sister's wedding, we all lived the same house. If she was here full time she would be.

She coming up in November, so I made my appointment at Kleinfeld's so she can be a part of it. The only appointment available was a Sunday at 11:15 am. So she doesn't want to miss 1 service to help her daughter pick out her wedding dress. Seriously? Luckily, there was a cancellation and was able to reschedule it to 1 pm. It's my day and I'm making accommodations for my mother so she can feel included.

This is a battle I believe is going to get worse. She was asking to be included. I'm including her, but she's making it difficult. I love her. She's the only one that I have. I want her included but if she makes my life more complicated than necessary I'm going to have to step away from her. I would think she would be excited and willing to help but all she's doing is being jealous and vindictive. I wish she and my father would get along. My father is not causing me any issues. Sometimes I wish my situation was different. It would make this new transition in life smoother.

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