Monday, March 7, 2011

Week 7 & 8

I have barely done P90 these past 2 weeks. It's boring!!!! I do like the Sculpt class. I hate the cardio class. I f'in hate Jumping Jacks!!!!!!!

At the beginning of week 8 I twisted my knee a little in sculpt class doing lunges. My leg slipped on the carpet. I didn't know how much pain a little twist can cause. I didn't scream out because I was trying to be a big girl, lol. I really didn't want JH to worry too much. It hurts walking up stairs or bending my knee to get into the tub, etc.

So I planned to get back into the program this week, but my knee isn't quite ready for all the Jumping Jacks and Run Lunges. I can't wait until spring where I can do lots of walking. :)

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