Wednesday, March 9, 2011


I am a fan of the game Castle Crashers on the Xbox console. I was wishing for a game on the iPhone that was somewhat the same. Here comes Battleheart by Mika Mobile. 

BH 1
BH 2

It is pretty much almost the same. I don't know what type of game you would call Castle Crashers, but Battleheart is CC mixed with RPG. Since on iPhone it's a single player game.

At the start of the game you get the story of the game, you get to choose what slot you wish to save your game. 

BH 3

You automatically are given a healer when you start. Then you also choose what type of character you want to be when you start with a directive stating you must protect your healer. After that you are taken to the main menu. 

BH 4

I'll start from bottom up.

BH 10

This area you get to see you characters that you hire. You can hire as many as you like. You are only allowed to play with 4 characters at a time. So you have to make sure that you create a good party.

BH 9

The tavern is where you can hire new characters. You can select characters based on job and level. The higher its level, the more you have to pay for the character. 

BH 8

The academy is where each of your characters learn its special moves. You can only select moves based on each character and level. You start off with one special move. You gain the next one every 5 levels, I believe. You have to choose one over the other at the academy. However, you can change your preferences at any time as long as you take the character back to the academy.

BH 7

At the merchant, you can do 3 things: buy gear/items, upgrade gear/items and sell gear/items. The screen is pretty self explanatory. However, you must make sure the character you are adjusting is highlighted. Also, if you gear in your slots it will tell you whether that gear will increase or decrease any of the 4 characters' attributes that are present. 

BH 6

Armory is just the area that you change your gear for your characters. You can only change gear on your active 4 characters. If you want to change all of your characters gear, you will have to select them by going back to the Keep. 

The Final Stage!!! BATTLE!: 
BH 5

This is where you go kill stuff and get bounty. You also get to level your characters. As you beat a battleground, another one opens. So far there are only 12 battlegrounds in the game. Hopefully, they will add newer levels in a future update. 

Game play is a bit awkward. It is easy enough to do. To fight you just select and drag character to the mob. The same goes for healing. You drag the healer towards the character you want to heal. What is really awkward is that if your characters are too close together; it is hard to move or select the character you want. 
BH 11
BH 12
BH 13
BH 14

Overall, the game runs nicely. It hasn't crashed on me. I enjoy the game. It's a game I can put down for a while and pick right back up. I have way too much to do on my iPhone. I am hoping that this game updates with new levels and new characters. It is well designed. I look forward to keeping an eye on Mika Mobile. The game is well worth the price asked. 

Battleheart Can be found in iTunes App Store for $2.99.


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