Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Vampires: Bloodlust

Liking Mafia Wars from Zynga, I decided to try Vampire Wars on my iPhone. It has the same appeal of Mafia Wars, just a different theme. 

V 1

The game play is exactly the same. It's a click thru game. No real live action. You do missions to get gear, experience and blood. You get to increase the following stats when you level: Blood (currency), Health, Energy, and Rage, to name a few.

V 2

You can fight other players. Oh? Didn't I mention this game is sort of a MMO? Well it says it is. You see a list of other players in the section called Fight. There you can decide who to fight based on their level and number of their clan. The more clan members that a player has over you, you are sure to lose a lot of blood and gain very little experience. 

V 5

For me, this part of the game is a waste of time. You're on a cell phone, who can you gather to be one of your clan? Some people leave their ID in the review section in the App Store just to build up their clan. I did this for a little bit. You can also buy clan members with Elder Points in the Elder section once you aquire enough. It takes awhile to build up these points or you can buy them with your hard earned American currency or whatever currency you work for. 

V 9

You spend your Rage stats in order to fight. Since it's not that important to me, I never increase it. 

Also, while you are playing and when you are not, people are attacking you. This constantly lowers your health. When your health gets too low, you can go to your Crypt to heal for a price of blood. The cost changes depends on your health level. 

V 8

You can only do this once a day. You regenerate health naturally and you can also buy health using your elder points.

You can also obtain Domains under the Feast section where you can maintain your blood supply. 

V 7

The downside of this, is the each domain has a time limit before you lose blood instead of aquiring it. This pretty much mandates that you stay on the game as frequently as possible so you can reap your reward of blood. This is just not very productive to me either. You need blood to purchase stronger items as you go thru jobs. You don't get very much blood doing the jobs so the Domain is another source of blood. But I forgot to mention how you can obtain Domain. You purchase them with blood. So if you don't have enough blood, you can't hope to get any more from Domains. 

You can also gather Minions in the same Feast section. This is another source of blood for you. It is also the same as Domains in that you have to buy them with blood. Minions do not have a time limit. It's continuous blood.

V 6

Now the part of the game that kept my interest, Missions. Missions are easy to do. You need to have the specific level, weapons and Energy in order to do the job. You also have to master the missions in 3 levels; bronze, silver and gold.

V 3

After you do missions you get different abilities that help you do other missions and in fights. 

V 4

You unlock missions as you advance in levels and completion of missions. This gives me a goal to attempt to achieve. 

This game was my 2nd addictive game after Mafia Wars on the iPhone when I got it. I loved the game. The downsides of the game are as follows:
- Zynga took too long to update the app with new missions. I nearly exhausted all the missions so there wasn't much to do. They update the Facebook versions first. 
- Earning blood after a while became too easy. Economy sucks. 
- The weekly missions don't pay out well. 

Otherwise this game is great. 

You can find it in the iTunes App store for FREE.


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