Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Collapse Free

Collapse is a puzzle game I've played on numerous cell phones. The style of play is famous all around. You tap groups of the same color to delete in order to clear the board in a certain time limit. I loved this game on my Windows Mobile phone (version 5.0). 
CF 1

This game is the free version of the game and it offers 2 game modes: Quest or Quick Play.
CF 7

Quick Play:
You get to 4 different types of game strategies: Classic, Stategy, Panic Attack, Puzzle and Continuous. Each of these strategies have their own type of play. But game play is the same.

CF 3
Just standard matching color and deleting to clear board in a certain time frame. 

Same standard color matching but there is a bit strategy to clear the board in the time frame.

Panic Attack:
CF 6

Is like the classic play with 2 different plays. The 1st, you will have new colors coming in from the bottom of the screen and the top. The 2nd, the blocks already on the board will move from the bottom of the screen to the top. While it's on top the new blocks will come from the top too. You still have to cleae the board in allotted time. 

CF 5

Puzzle is a bit different. You still have to clear the board. However, the board is completely filled with blocks. You will need to clear the board in the fewest moves possible to get higher scores. 

This just the classic game without a time limit. It can keep you busy until you lose game when blocks fill up the board. 

Quest Play:
You have 4 worlds. Each world has different stages. The stages are a variety of the types of game play from the quick play section. You don't know what game play you'll get until you play the stage.

World 1 has 8 stages
CF 8

World 2 has 8 stages
CF 9

World 3 has 10 stages
CF 10

World 4 has 10 stages and the final boss stage.
CF 11

I played the quest mode first. I like the quest mode a lot. I have finished all stages except for the boss. I am 0/40 tries on the boss. They made sure that boss stage was a kick ass. You think you are going to win but you end up losing. I will beat that stage,I swear. For now, I play the quick play for now. I have to have no interruptions when doing the boss stage. For a free game, this game is great. It's an actual full game for free. I am a bit nervous of what the paid version offers, but I may end up buying it eventually. I haven't had any glitches with game. I adore it.

Collapse Free can be found on iTunes App Store for FREE.


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