Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Pokemon X -Days 6 & 7

Day 6:

I go thru the tunnel hoping to hit the next town. Instead I hit Route 8. I start going around collecting Pokemon and trying to get myself past the route. This by far the 1st day of high frustration.

1st frustration, these level 13 to 14 Pokemon are wasting my money. They are being difficult to capture. It takes 2 tried to capture. Then I happen on another horde battle with level 8 Zangoose. I kill all except 1. I weakened the last where it was barely alive. It made me waste 8 POKEBALLS!!!!! And I still didn't capture it!! What the fuck!!! I was cussing that damn Pokemon for a couple of minutes before I realized my next frustration. I eventually happened on a level 14 Zangoose and got him on the 1st try, what the hell?

2nd frustration, is where the fuck am I going? I'm collecting Pokemon and I started noticing that I am running around in circles. How in the hell do I get down off of the excavation site that is Route 8? I stop collecting and make concerted efforts trying to find my way. Random battles are now pissing me off because I have no interest in them. I just want to find my way. At this point, I have 3 fainted Pokemon and very few pokeballs. I want to get to a Pokecenter pronto. I can't figure how the fuck to get past this area!!! With my frustration I saved game where I'm at and got off. Bah!!!

Day 7:

Earlier at work I was discussing my issue with a coworker, who's playing Y. He said there's a path that you won't notice if I keep heading south. He would show me, but I didn't bring my 3DS to work.

I get home late, and I pick up my DS while my hubbypants was playing FFXIV. I resume trying to find the path. It took me a while to find it. I walked the southern most I could. By accident, I hit my circle pad and my character jumped onto a rock thing. I didn't know I could go on those. So I finally found way down. It wasn't a path but a series of jumps, lol. At the bottom is a PokeCenter. Sweet mother of Jesus!! I couldn't be happier. I go heal my Pokemon and buy supplies (PokeBalls and potions).

My hubbypants decided we should go upstairs and get ready for bed. So I closed the lid because I was just going to pick up playing when I get in bed. After awhile, I'm ready to play again, I pick up the DS wrong. Guess what happened? Just guess. The cartridge came out. So I'm going to have to do this all over again. I'm so glad I didn't do a lot. It'll be easy, but at that point I just went to bed.

My stats really didn't change. I did capture some more Pokemon on Day 6 but I wasn't able to check my computer (in PokeCenter) to see how much I caught. I don't even know my current levels.

Gyms Beaten: 1
Pokemon Captured: ???
Pokemon Gifted: 2
In Party:
Pansage ??
Pikachu ??
Beedrill ??
Panpour ??
Charmeleon ??
Braixen ??

[Nintendo 3DS]

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