Sunday, November 3, 2013

Pokemon X - Day 4

Played until my 3DS told me to stop. I think I must have a current addiction. I wasn't planning to play this game until PokeBank was released in North America, but the call of the wild Pokemon was strong.

They made the game a little bit easier. The experience share is awesome. In Black 2, it was an time you had to have a Pokemon hold, now it's an item you as the player hold and everyone in your 6 Pokemon party gets experience. Leveling is fast!!!

I am discovering more lands. I have encountered a horde battle. I don't have any multi-mob moves on any of my Pokemon, so it was a bit hard, but Braixen handled it like a champ. I also had two evolutions:
- Charmander evolved to Charmeleon (1st evolution)
- Fletchling evolved to Fletchinder (1st evolution)
I also made my first World Trade. I traded a Bug type that starts with P (I don't remember it's name. It was level 2.) I got another Pansage. So I released it.  I figure the wonder trades will always be blind so I will be weary of them. I just may collect 2 of each Pokemon and save the the dups for World Trades or regular trades.

My Stats:
- Pokemon Captured: 24
- Gyms Beaten:1
- Pokemon Gifted: 2
- Party:
    Charmeleon 22
    Pikachu 19
    Panpour 19
    Pansage 16
    Beedrill 18
    Braixen 25

Until the next post........

[Nintendo 3DS]

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