Friday, November 1, 2013

Pokemon X - Day 2

Once again, glued to my couch I turn on game. I start learning all the menu functions.

I used PlayAmi. I played games with my Pokemon and I tickled and pet Braixen.

In the actual part of the game, I ran back to the city to heal up my Pokemon. I also went back to previous forest so I can find another Fletchling. I also re-arranged my team. I continued on my quest.

My stats:
- Pokemon Captured: 14
- Gyms Beaten: 0
- Party:
Braixen Lv 17
Pikachu Lv 11
Panpour Lv 10
Kakuna Lv 9
Pansage Lv 9
Fletchling Lv 8

One thing learned, this game drains my 3DS battery. I keep getting the notification. That's only thing that curbs my playing.

Until tomorrow....

[Nintendo 3DS]

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