Monday, November 4, 2013

Pokemon X - Day 5

Today was about organizing. I was told that I would get the same Pokemon as in Black 2. That way I wouldn't have to wait for PokeBank. So I sat down & made a list of Pokemon I got in X & Black 2. I don't have any overlaps. I don't have any of the same Pokemon. So I was misinformed.

On the game, I reorganized my boxes where I stored my Pokemon. I am now keeping a box just for newly caught Pokemon. That way it will be easier to see how much I catch in a day. Easier for me to track. Yes I know I'm anal about this. Pokemon does feed into my collector spirit.

I came across this very interesting article on about Pokemon. It's dead on. Read it here.

So I finally made it into Caphier Town. I got past the Snorlax. I wish I was able to capture it. I tried all of my PokeBalls. Wasted them. The Pokemon are getting a bit harder to capture too. Lots of wasted Balls. That's the only part of this game that annoys me greatly. Wasting Balls is wasting hard earned money. I also got into another horde battle with Charmeleon. I ended up capturing one of the Scraggy's. I am right outside a cave I must enter to get to next town. Woo hoo.

I am still enjoying the hell out of this game though.

My Stats:
- Pokemon Captured: 29
- Gyms Beaten: 1
- Pokemon Gifted: 2
- Party:
    Pansage 19
    Pikachu 22
    Beedrill 22
    Panpour 22
    Charmeleon 26
    Braixen 27

Until next time.....

[Nintendo 3DS]

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