Friday, January 27, 2012

Monster Galaxy

I am an old Gaia Online fan. I used to log into it daily and even gotten couple of my friends into the site. My life had been taken over by a MMO called FFXI (you can read about that here). I stopped just as their MMO, zOMG, gotten into full swing. FFXI was taken too much of my time. I am still am a Gaia fan at heart.

I was alerted that Gaia has a game in the iTunes App Store called Monster Galaxy. It is a free app too. So with me being a Gaia fan I quickly downloaded it. I learned that this game is like a Pokemon game. You have Mogi (pets/creatures) for battle and you capture more on the way. I am not a Pokemon video game fan, but I am willing to try Gaia's game.

You start the game with a dog Mogi. The 1st fight is a tutorial on fighting. The second fight teaches you how to capture new Mogi and you receive a wolf Mogi. The 3rd fight you learn how to switch between Mogi and heal them let switching. Next fight you are supposed to capture another Mogi. Each of the fights come from fulfilling quests.

You also need items as you fight. You need blue coffee to heal your Mogi. You need star seeds to capture Mogi. During the 1st 3 fights they give you some of these items. By fight four your coffee supply is depleted. You are also not strong enough to capture the Mogi.

There are also daily prizes you get when you get on the game. Sometimes it's items that are irrelevant items at the time. It's a crap shoot. I have a ton of star seeds. What I need is coffee.

This is where all the brick wall appears. I know why the app is free. It's part of the new Freemium model apps that are now all the rage on iOS and Android. You have in app purchasing. I understand that and I don't mind it in reasonable cases. In Gaia's case, it is very unreasonable. The cost to buy coffee is ridiculous. It's $1.99 for only 4 coffees.

You need at least 2 to 3 in a good fight. You get very little bang for your buck. This game hopes some parent stupidly gives their kid their iTunes password and rack up hundreds of dollars just on coffee, example the strawberries in Smurf Village app. I don't know if they are going to fix this price range. It lost me. I refuse to buy coffee. I'd rather pay to unlock new levels. However, if you want to wait days or long hours in between fights for your Mogi to regain health, be my guest. They made it so you have to purchase coffee. I am not a fan any longer.

You can purchase game in the iTunes App store for free.


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