Friday, January 27, 2012

They Wanna Keep Us Women Down

Lately I've been feeling a lot of hate and negativity towards women. I've been Reading it online, in newspapers and have been dealing with it at work. At first I believed it was a racial thing, but it has grown to include women of all colors. Is it because we are surpassing men? It is not our fault that men are not stepping up to the plate.

I don't believe in conspiracies. I find them ridiculous. I rather deal with facts. When you here about the most popular TV shows, the women tend to be a bit idiotic; Jersey Shore, Basketball Wives, Bachelor, etc. The more idiotic the more ratings. It's a trend I've been noticing. I am really not in arms about it. TV is about capitalism and all they trying to do is make money. It still hurts us as women.

You have the republicans trying to send women back into the house and do what the man says. They are trying to pass laws (that taking away funding from organizations like Planned Parenthood that provide services for women) that give men the right to tell us what we can do to our bodies. All the hard work we women have gone thru to get where we are, equals in knowledge not in pay (unless it's porn), to have a party erase it. This bothers me a great deal. I hate politics though. All politicians are out for themselves or the highest bidder, never for the people. That's how I see it.

What really upset me was a series of tweets from a DJ here on the East Coast named EdLover. They were just bad assumptions about women. I may have been in a mood that day when the tweets came out, but it still bothers me. Maybe because I used to like listening to him. But I found it hurtful to women. I am not the type of woman he's generalizing, but it bothers me. If he thinks it's all this fun and jokes then he is really an idiot.

Some women have responded to him on twitter. I responded too. I at least wanted to voice my opinion if he's allowed to. We all generalize every now and then. I do it every now and then but not to bring anyone down. I can generalize that most men are rapists. It isn't true, but it makes all men look bad. If I put it in a public forum, some idiot will believe me and assume all men are rapists. Below are screen shots of the tweet train of EdLover's tweets, responses and my response.

Hopefully we can start changing people's hearts with positivity and not spout out generalizations that bring on another down.

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Sextant said...

When you have Rush Limbaugh calling a woman law student a slut and prostitute on syndicated radio because she testified before congress on the need for contraceptives to be included in health care packages, well that doesn't inspire me with the advance of feminism or the intelligence exhibited in the US. Sad, sad state of affairs.