Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Wedding Planning - Part 4

Wedding Planning is now in full swing now that the New Year has begun. So from now on, when posting about the planning, I am going to add to a permanent list. You'll see what I mean as follows. I will also take my first wedding related trip to LV in February. Can't wait!!!

1.  Ceremony
I had an hour long planning meeting with my rep for the venue. We discussed what I will expect. What I need to contribute. Fine tuned what type of ceremony to have. I chose a Christian ceremony to make both mothers happy.
2. Photography
This is currently my source of frustration. My brother-in-law and I made a deal that he would do the photography for whole wedding for free if I pay for hotel & airfare for him & my sister. They would just have to pay for the kids' airfare. Now he's going back on it saying he doesn't want to come out of pocket and I should pay for the kids too. Get *bleep* out of here. I had to remind him that when he does his destination weddings they only pay for him and my sister, they never pay for the kids. So now I'm trying to see what's going to happen. I may just do the photographers at the venue.
3. Honeymoon
I contacted a travel agent recommended byy mom. My first choice is Bora Bora and second is Hawaii. Bora Bora is way out of my league. For 5 nights it around $9,000. Hawaii is cheaper at $4,000. We are going to tweek the proposal for it.
As for packing, I'm going make a comprehensive packing list by May of what to pack.
4. Guest list
Guest list will be hammered down by this weekend. Has to be done to complete #6.
5. Invitations
I have been scouring sites for invitations. So far I have picked 4 designs from and 3 from I am still searching.
6. Save The Date
We have taken engagement photos with my bro-in-law. This may be our last usage. I expect to receive them back this Thursday. We'll wait and see. If we do, then we will send them out this weekend.
7. Florists
I have lefte them 2 voicemail to set up an appointment on my visit, but I have not heard back.
8. Reception
Discussed necessary needs with venue rep. I do have an appointment for cake tasting on my visit. Yummy!!!
9. Salon
I have set an appointment to discuss styles and make up when I visit.
10. Gown/Tux
I'm waiting for my gown to come in for my first fitting. When we arrive in LV we will check out tux rental spots.
11. Registry
Still thinking about this. Have no clue as to where to register. One of my bosses at worked lectured me about this yesterday. She suggests Crate & Barrel. We'll see. I really just want money.

I'll be keeping you updated periodically. 

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