Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Life with JH - Holiday 2011

This was He second Holiday season JH and I have been together. Last season wasn't full of excitement, but we had fun for the few days we did spend together.

This year my dad joined us for the holidays. It was a good time. Last year JH and I discussed creating a tradition over the holidays. So I was hoping we could start a tradition. This wasn't the year. JH worked a lot this holiday. I can't really complain either because work is hard to get out there.

During the holidays we (mostly me) threw a dinner party for my dad. A dinner party for 7 turned into a party of nearly 20. I made a cake that is absolutely addicting called Tres Leche. I also cooked chicken Parmagian (however you spell it) with spagetti. Dad provided salad. My aunt contributed with curry goat and rice. My cousin contributed a Junior's cheesecake. We had a good time. I saw people I haven't seen in years. It was good times.

JH is whole accepted by my dad's family; which is nice. He hasn't met a lot of my mom's side. Primarily because I don't want to go out of my way to introduce them. Whenever I see them and Jason's around, they will be introduced. For the ones who have, likes him. It's wonderful that my family gets along with him. After all he is part of my family. His family, even the ones I haven't met, have seem to take a liking to me. I'm totally at peace. Hopefully next holiday season we can start the tradition. Plus it'll be our first holidays as a married couple. I can't wait!! :)

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