Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Michael Douglas... Seriously?!

Seiously?!! Stop misleading people!!! Don't announce things without explanation. "I got cancer from oral sex."

Men have been heading south for centuries and they have not gotten throat cancer!!! What is likely in your situation, you messed with the wrong chick, who may had an infection which led to you getting one.

Oh... Ok so your press people tried to say that you contracted HPV, which led to your cancer. That falls in line with what I stated above. This is a better explanation. I can let you off the hook.

HPV is a virus wildly spread thru various acts of intercourse. The past 4 to 5 years, they have been promoting a vaccination for teenagers and kids. There's none for adults. HPV is one direct link to developing cervical cancer in women.

I believe you now Mike. If it causes women cancer it can cause you cancer. Just please refrain from saying something without proper explanations. You make yourself look like an idiot. Which results in social media blasting responses and comments about your stupidity.

Thanks for sharing though. Now I have a bad mental image of you heading down south. Ugh.. Gross.

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