Wednesday, June 5, 2013

FML Musings June 5, 2013

I love the FML website. There are some hilarious items there as well as some boring ones. But I decided to comment here on some posts that had me ranting or commenting in my head when I read them.

"Today, in the middle of our one year anniversary dinner, my boyfriend's ex-girlfriend showed up declaring her love for him. They left together and I had to take the bus home. FML"

If the above happened to me, boyfriend better not even call me. Seriously, if he has the gall to leave me in the lurch for an ex in middle of dinner, he's not worth anymore of my time. If he has some stuff at my place, I will box the shit up and drive it to his family or friend's house. Then leave him the message where to find it. No other communication needed.

"Today, my 6-year-old son was so angry at me for not buying him overpriced candy at the airport, that he told a security guard I had a machine gun in my suitcase. The interrogation was not pleasant. FML"

Ooh if that was my kid. He would get such a spanking and be on lock down for at least a year. If he thought he had toys, iPad's, etc, I would donate them to the needy. His consequence for pulling crap like that. I don't plan to raise a spoiled brat, so I would not have this issue. People forget that children are not your friends. They are your child. You are to raise your child with love, discipline, and manners that would make them productive adults. When your child becomes an adult, you can be best friends. Children should know their boundaries. Enough said. I got heated when I read this, lol.

This will probably be an ongoing series.

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