Wednesday, June 26, 2013

FML Musings June 26, 2013

Here's another segment of my musings at FML. 

Today, I went to a water park with a group of friends. As I went down the water slide, some complete turd waffle of a kid in the water kicked his leg out in line with my crotch. The moment I hit the bottom was the moment I think I became sterile. FML

Where are the consequences for the kid? Kids are just getting bad nowadays. They have no conscience; nor do they receive any reprimand if they done something wrong. This is why society now is breaking down. Everyone behaves as if there are no consequences. Every action will have a consequence. When I read this, I automatically thought that the kid needs an ass whooping. I think the guy should've reacted automatically and gave the kid a punch. Then he would learn his consequence of his action. However, I would just press charges. Let the kid get the fear of life in him when the cops come to arrest him. 

Today, I went into labor a week earlier than expected. My husband is four hours away on business, and my sister refused to take me unless I paid her $1,000. I had to call 911 and almost gave birth in the kitchen. FML

I say that this girl's sister is a piece of shit. No matter the differences, you should be be there for family in an emergency. I can understand not wanting to deal on a regular basis. I was just shocked at this. I wouldn't wish this on anyone.  Having a baby is a stressful enough time that ends in joy. The sister not wanting to be a part of that is her loss. Hope this woman just gives up trying to be friends with her sister. She doesn't seem to be worth it. Not all siblings have to get along. 

Today, my boyfriend and I had a threesome. He suggested we have another guy. It ended up devolving into a twosome, and I wasn't part of it. FML

Really, you didn't think this will happen? Most straight men want a threesome with "2" women. They have no interest in men or to share their woman with another man. They are selfish creatures. They rather have you and another girl. So a man suggesting another man, he is trying to test his sexuality because he's already iffy about it. Threesomes do not work for committed people though. Someone is bound to feel insecure and go ape shit. They are best to have as a single person. No attachments and you can move on. (No, I've never had a threesome, for those who may think so from my comment. I don't share.)

Today, being near-broke, I resorted to shopping at Walmart. Barely ten minutes in, an obese sack of lard posing as a human being shoved me away from the bacon I was looking at. I fell, busted my lip, then got screamed at by another woman for not watching where I was going. FML

As I said in an earlier comment, society is really breaking down. Where is the compassion for your fellow man? The man was assaulted and the second woman couldn't assist or show any compassion? Basically, nowadays you have to just go on with your life if someone assaults you? I just can't do that. I would assist the guy and get him medical help or even call the police if he wished. What's the use to scream at him for being in my way?  Assist the person or move around them. 

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