Friday, June 21, 2013

My 1st Anniversary!!

So I made it to my first wedding anniversary on June 16th. I still can't believe that I'm married, yet 1 year into it. I am still very happy. However, it feels like I've been married for over 5 years. Not in the bad way though. It's more like that I am so comfortable and JH is so ingrained in my life that I can't imagine him not in it.

I never felt comfortable, so unrestrained, before him. He has gotten my trust so easily and gotten me to try daring things; stuff I would never have tried.

For our 1st anniversary, we are on a cruise. We are on Carnival Liberty. We were to stop at Cozumel (Mexico), Belize, Roatan Island (Honduras) and Grand Cayman. However due to a tropical depression (very bad weather) we lost ports Belize and Roatan Island (Honduras), but we got Ocho Rios, Jamaica to make up. It would've been nice to add another stop, though. Beggars can't be choosy. At least we got one island back in return if losing 2 islands.

In Cozumel, JH and I did an ATV excursion. We chose this package thinking that I would sit behind him as he drove. So, yeah that didn't happen. The ATV were single passenger only. Meaning I had to drive my own. I was not planning on that. Lucky I bought my license with me. So yeah, I drove an ATV. OMG it was sooo much fun!!!!! I so want to do it again. I now understand why people love motorcycles, scooters and the like. The thrill of the wind against you as you drive fast is exhilarating. However, this excursion has brought us days of suffering. We got bit by a shit ton of mosquitoes. Everytime we came to a stop, we were swarmed with mosquitoes. Our stops were not fun at all!!! After we were done, my battle scars consisted of a cut on my left pointer finger and bruise right behind my knuckle on my right hand.

I never flipped over at all. I was not placed in the back with he beginners either. Not bad run for a newbie (pat myself on the shoulder).

In Grand Cayman we chose to go on a sea trek. They put on a helmet over your head and you walk on ocean floor. How cool is that?!! Once again my expectations were dashed again. I assumed we were going to walk from at least 6ft deep waters into deeper waters. Nope! That's not what went down. We got on a boat, to bring us to another boat anchored in the ocean. People, we had to climb down a ladder on second boat to 28 ft deep water!!!!!!! I was having a slight anxiety attack so I chose to go last. As I started climbing down, my fear subsided. Once I hit the bottom I enjoyed myself immensely. I got to hold shrimp and a sea urchin. Little fish tried to get into my bathing suit. I had the best time. When it was time to go, I was disappointed. I wanted to stay longer.

On Ocho Rios, we climbed Dunns River Falls. This was not new for me. I've done it in my past, but it was new for JH. I had a great time though. We got bombarded with folks trying to sell us junk. That was the only downside of the trip.

After each excursion we went to the beach. The beach in Cozumel was the only one we didn't care for. The water smelled funny. So we ended up going into the pool there. Beaches in Grand Cayman and Jamaica were the best.

As I write this, we are on our last day at sea. We dock in Miami bright and early in the morning. Wish we could cruise a lot longer. Not looking forward to returning to the real world. Gotten spoiled on the cruise. Who's going to make up and turn down my bed everyday? Who's going to provide all three meals and snacks daily? Reality is beginning to suck.

Reality is a necessary evil though. Can't go on vacation if you don't slave away 50 weeks a year.

Congrats to JH and I for making it 1 year strong!!!

I will update this post with more pictures when I have access to them!

As our captain says, C'iao.


Aerin Ravage said...

Happy anniversary you guys! Sounds like your trip was still pretty awesome and I'm looking forward to the pics! Congrats on your first year - may all the rest be just as blessed!

Chrisor (@ynotkissme) said...

Happy Anniversary! Congrats on one year, although that's still the honeymoon phase. :-) Glad you had such a nice vacation to celebrate. You are so brave for riding the ATV alone. I bet it was fun though.

Tiger's Lair said...

Thanks Aerin & Chrisor.

I had a great time.

I will update this post with more pics. Stay tuned.