Monday, March 18, 2013

Copycat, Copycat

Copying is the sincerest form of flattery. Or something like that. When does copying start looking more like being ripped off? When does this apply to blogging?

I have a bunch of blogs that I keep up with. My favorite is The Bloggess. I stumbled upon her couple years ago from a magazine article. I checked her out and fell in love with her blog. She has a style that us all her own. She is quite unique.

Recently I began shuffling blogs I read. Get rid of some and gaining new ones. I stumbled upon a blog. I started to like it. I noticed it read similarly to one I was already reading. I was being duped to think this blog was my favorite blog. This blog was an out right copy of The Bloggess' style. It has different topics but the writing and the layout of posts are exactly the same. She writes almost the same style. It's like she studied The Bloggess' page thru and thru and reproduced it with different topics.

My feelings were beyond hurt. I was shocked, sad and a bit indignant. How could this woman just copy Bloggess' style so blatantly. Can't she write in her own style? I understand Bloggess popularity is at a high. I'm sure when she started she wasn't. It takes time to get followers and popularity. She worked hard for it. This person is just trying to steal her thunder.

Is there anything out there to protect bloggers from counterfeit bloggers? How can a blogger protect themselves from the copycat? At this point in the game do we just chalk it up to the crazy Internet and move on?

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