Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Hotel Dash

Well since I love Diner Dash, I decided to try another Playfirst title that stars Flo: Hotel Dash.
HD 1
Hotel Dash and all the Dash games has Flo doing different businesses. This woman is a billionaire or she has cloned herself. She has so many businesses. I digressed a bit.
HD 2
Hotel Dash you have a lot to do, more so than Diner Dash. You have to check in guests, be their bellgirl, feed them, give them towels, give them extra pillows, mop up spills, take down laundry and check the guests out.
I have made it to level 18 of the 2nd hotel. Just like Diner Dash, each different site has 10 levels and couple in app purchases for other sites.
HD 3 HD 4
I have seen some interesting guests so far:
- teenager: standard guest, but always spills something
- business women: standard, loves to swim so you give lots of towels and get back a lot of laundry, very impatient
- bearded man: he is the greedy one, orders twice to three times
- honeymoon couple: they spend longer time of course and always requests extra pillows
- clowns: they spill and break vases. they are a hassle
- arabs (well they look like them): sleep walk so you have to get them back to their rooms
HD 5 HD 6 The game is really hard to manage at times. You can't satisfy everyone all the time and you will lose the game because of it. I have repeated levels multiple times.
HD 7
I am still stuck on level 18 (the 8th level in my 2nd hotel). No matter how I change strategies, I still loose a guest or I'm not doing a very good job :(.
Along with playing the levels, you have to prepare a honeymoon spot for special guests that I guests will arrive later in the game. You have to get special star points to get he special items for the room. You get these stars during regular leveling. Let me tell you, I've only gotten 2 items in all 18 levels. The honeymoon room will not be completed on time. I will have to redo some levels at a later point.
Overall, this game is fun. You have to have great patience and fast fingers. Preferably small tiny fingers. There are way too many areas to touch that will cost you in game play.
HD 8
Hotel Dash can be found in the iTunes App Store for $2.99.


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