Monday, June 13, 2011

Hip Hop Abs After 1 Day

So we all know we gave up on P90 exercise routine because it became too repetitive and boring. I griped about it in every one of my posts. I should've done the P90X with JH. That is another story I'm going into. I hate pull ups and that's all over that program.

I had JH get Hip Hop Abs. I love dancing. So I may keep up on this. The operative is "may". If I get bored I'll give it up too. Hopefully I won't. There are only like a handful of routines. There repetiitive at times. I am not giving such a optimistic view because I know myself. I get bored and then I move to the next exciting thing. One thing I have learned about myself is that I don't have an addictive personality. I may like something a lot but within a couple weeks I am no longer interested. i don't think I'd make a good drug or alcohol addict, lol.

So let me tell you about my first routine yesterday. It went not as I expected. It is called Fat Burning Cardio. It is cardio with dancing steps. At first it was easy and fun. Then all of sudden I'm drenched. I turned on the ac in middle. I normally get cold right away in ac, but not yesterday. I was still hot and sweaty. The whole thing is like learning a dance routine. The half hour went by really quick. I still wanted more.

The presenter is completely weird. I get the gay vibe then I get a Tyler Perry vibe off of him. His body is sick tho. Tim Horton of P90 series has a sick body too, but it's not the same. I believe if all the routines are as fun and high energy, it will keep my attention.

Let's hope this routine will become a stable. It does make my dancing genes happy.

Next post in a week.

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