Friday, June 3, 2011

Diner Dash

Diner Dash is the Grandmother of PlayFirst's Dash Games. After it's success you see a wave of different enterprises that Flo gets into; Salon, Spa, etc. Diner Dash was the 1st and my only interest in the Dash games. It was on sale one weekend for $0.99 and I snatched it up. 
DD 1 
The weekend I snatched it up, was the weekend I became a woman obsessed. It's such a fun game. The object is to serve as many guests at your restaurant. Yeah, a game about work. Just what a stressed out woman needs in her life. I like the game so much that I got the PC/Mac version of the game. I am mostly going to discuss the iPhone verion than the other 2. I have also tried the game on the Android. They are all the same however, iPhone's graphics are a lot better and you use a mouse/touchpad for other 2. Let's get down to the game. 
When you open the game, You can choose from Play Quest or Endless Shift. I normally play the quests. 
DD 2 
In Quest mode, you see a bunch of different restaurants you can play thru. There are some with padlocks on them. These restaurants are in-app purchases that are $0.99 each. Each restaurant has 10 levels and they increase in difficulty. 
DD 3 DD 4 DD 5 DD 6 DD 7 
What makes up the game are the different types of guests you encounter. You have regular guests and themed guests. Themed guests are from the special in-app purchased restaurants. 
Regular Guests: 
- Teenagers: pretty normal experience 
- Business Women: very impatient 
- Seniors: Patient but takes a long time to order and eat 
Themed Guests: 
- Vampire: impatient, but when happy, makes all guests happy 
- Teenage Werewolf: impatient, but when happy, makes all guests happy 
- Love Couples: takes way too long to eat. 
The main object is to seat, feed and bus tables making your goal without losing a table. Each table lost is 750 points taken towards your goal. At the end of the shift you get your tally on whether you make your goal or not. If you don't you cannot move to the next level. 
DD 8 DD 9 DD 10 DD 11 DD 12 DD 13 DD 14 
In the Endless Shift mode you get continuous guests until you lose the 5 hearts or when you end the game by closing it. There is no way to save an endless shift game. You have all restaurants, except for themed (in app purchased restaurants). You get to choose your difficulty level at least. You have Easy, Medium or Hard. Easy is pretty hard. I have not tried the other 2 difficulties yet. It may be a long time coming. 
DD 15 DD 16 DD 17 DD 18 DD 19 DD 20 DD 21 
Overall this game is very addicting. I am a fan that will continue to play this game until I get frustrated with a level. I have to take a time out and resume at later, calm time. I prefer the iPhone version of the game. The graphics are better on the iPhone and Android versus the PC or Mac. It's a very old game but they modernized the graphics for the new systems. iPhone has the best gameplay; Android the worst. The controls on Android are just awful and not easily done, but you may get used to it over time. 
You can find Diner Dash at the following:
- iTunes App Store $2.99 
- Android Marketplace $2.99 
- minimum of $6.00 
- Amazon Appstore $2.99

[Andriod, iOS, Mac, PC]

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