Thursday, January 13, 2011

Life w/ JH - The Holidays

This holiday season was my first with JH. We were supposed to go to Florida to my mother's house. This would have been great but things didn't turn out like planned.

I already had my ticket purchased since July. One way at least. JH had to work so he couldn't go to FL. So I ended up going alone to my mom's for Christmas. Wasn't very happy about that. He and my brother took me to the airport.

During our time apart, NY had Blizzard-Gate 2010. We called each other everyday. I was due to come back early on the 29th. It was the worst day coming home. I was due back to NY by 3 pm but I didn't get back until 8 pm. A 5 hour difference. I was excited to see JH.

I'm home to celebrate New Year's with JH. We didn't have any plans in particular. I usually stay home and watch Twilight Zone. I offered to take JH to Times Square but he didn't want to go. So we were going to chill at home.

Chill at home meant that JH falls asleep at 10 pm. So much for starting a tradition. My brother had to go to sleep early for work too. So with no one keeping me company I fell asleep!!! I didn't ring in the New Year at all. I should've taken JH out of the house!!!

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lordkaosu said...

You are not telling the whole story lol. I asked if you wanted to go to Times Square first and you declined. I got up at 4 am for work that morning too so it's no wonder I fell asleep without much going on. We always have next year!