Sunday, January 16, 2011

Getting Myself Into Tip Top Shape

With a new year, my resolution is to get my health straight. This means losing weight & getting fit. I have found someone in my life that makes me really happy. Makes me want to live my life as long as possible. I believe I was in a downward spiral before JH. It's not like I was trying to kill myself, but in a sense I wasn't looking out for me and my health.

My work is stressful, so by time I came home, I didn't want to eat right. I wanted what was quick and easy. Also I didn't exercise. I found it dull and boring. Workout regimes only lasted 2 weeks before I lost complete interest in it. All of this contributed to me gaining weight and developing health issues like high cholesterol and lacking Vitamin D.

Since JH came into my life, I feel I need to get in shape for him & myself.  For him, so he will stay attracted to me. He says I'm fine, but me being a woman, don't believe that. For me, so I can live and enjoy an active life with JH. I want to hike with him, and do a lot of physical stuff with him. So I want to be in enough shape that I can keep up with him. Also, when it's time, I would like to be healthy enough to carry and deliver a healthy baby for him.

So, this is what I decided to do... I decided to take up the Power 90 Boot Camp. We also have the Power 90x too.  I was going to do the P90X, but it's way too advance for what shape I'm in. So I chose to do P90 first. If this one works out well, then I'll move to P90X at a later point.

The P90 routine is a pretty basic routine. It's an alternate between cardio & abs and weight lifting. This routine goes on for 90 days. It does increase the strength half way thru the regime. I am also watching what I am eating. I'm drinking a lot more water. I am also only allowing my self 1 processed sugar item a day. That way I don't feel deprived and won't want to cheat on the diet.  Every Sun, Tues & Thurs I have Sculpt (weight lifing & muscle building/toning). Every Mon, Wed & Fri is Sweat & Ab Ripper 100 (Cardio and abs, lol). Sat is rest day. Very predictable. Best thing about the routine, JH is doing it with me. He's doing both the P90 & the P90x.

We have finished one week of the regime. We measured ourselves at the start. We will also measure ourselves weekly. I am not taking before & after shots. I am not very fond of picture taking.  So here's my results.

          - Lost 1.5 in from my chest
          - Lost 0.5 in from my waist
          - Lost 1 in from my hip
          - Lost 5 in from my thighs (left & right combined)
          - My weight stayed the same, I built more muscle to replace the little fat I lost.
Pretty good my first week. JH blazed this week with losing 4 lbs, but he's doing 2 regimes and also changing his diet.

I will keep you posted.

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Dionne Tuplin said...

Awesome first week, Colette!!! Keep it up and you'll see the results. Just press play.