Sunday, January 23, 2011

Week 2 Results

This is finishing week 2 of the 90 day, P90 workout regime. It is getting a bit mundane and repetitive. Usually I'd quit by now with any other regime. I hate repetitive stuff. It is boring and I start to lose my interest.

I am starting to lose my interest but JH is doing his best to keep me motivated. He really does. He also suggests to take it light on days that I am tired. This past week I had 2 of those days. One cardio day and one weight lifting day. The weight day I went from using 5lb weights to my 2lb ones.

I had great results this week, tho:
- Lost 1" from my chest (2 in total)
- Lost 1" from my waist (1.5 in total)
- Lost 1" from my hip (2 in total)
- Gained 1" in my thighs (4 in total)
- LOST 4 lbs!!!!! Yeah Baby!!!!

Let's see how much I change at end of the 90 days. 72 more days to go!!

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Dionne Tuplin said...

You're doing great, Colette!!! Some days are better than others, but it will all be worth it. If you need a pep talk, let me know. Take care.

Dee :o)