Thursday, August 16, 2007

Saying Goodbye Is So Hard To Do

Today was the hard day for me. We had to let go of 2 people at work that I really like. This is the part of the job that I really do not like. Letting people can be so draining. You don't know how each employee is going to react. Sometimes it is deserving and sometimes it's not.

The 2 people we had to lay off today were 2 people I really liked. I didn't want to see them go. They did their job well. Well at least to me. However, they say it was a dept restructuring. It was hard for me to sit in there and give them their termination paperwork. I was literally shaking. It was a difficult. I was holding back tears. I just wanted to say "sike".

I have never really felt so bad laying off someone before. I have laid off 30 people in 1 day before. And I have fired people before. But none of those ever made me feel like crying. Yes I wanted to cry. But I was a big girl, I didn't. Am I getting sensitive in my old age? Am I cut out to be in my position? I know people will tell me to buck up & let it roll off. That's easier said than done. I have always been sensitive.

However, there is 1 girl at my job that needs to be let go NOW. Why hasn't she been sacked? I think her boss and others are scared of her. I'm actually a bit apprehensive about her myself. I call her "Columbine Girl". She's the quiet, paranoid, vindictive girl you don't want to meet. But she's still there. What can I do? This is corporate America for you.

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