Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Can Old Friendships Lead to More? We'll See

This week has been an interesting week. I am flirting with a guy from my past on Instant Messenger everyday this week. I find this strange. I haven't spoken with him in nearly 3 years. We hung out a lot in the past. He was an very interesting fella and we got along great. We definitely had great dancing chemistry. Before we lost contact, he got married and had a daughter.

Sunday night, I was home ironing some clothes. As I was ironing, I began to reminisce about those who I have met in my past and truely enjoyed being around. I thought about him. I wondered how he was doing and such. I thought about how we met, what we have done, my feelings that I had for him, and why we lost touch.

I met him at a club in NYC called Webster's Hall. He out of the blue asked me to dance. We danced for the rest of the night. We exchanged numbers, but I never called him. I had a boyfriend at the time. Neither did he. Four months later, I went to another club called Ivy. After the whack music stopped playing, my girl and I were on the dance floor partying up a storm. Low and behold, this guy start dancing with me. I turned to see who it was, the guy looked familiar. I asked him his name as we danced. When he told me I exclaimed that we had met before. He looked shocked then looked at me again. That night we exchanged numbers again. This time he called. We were nearly inseparable. He was dating some chick but we still hung out, then I started dating someone else. But we still hung out. I felt so at ease with him. I did like him, but our ships never crossed in that sense. We both were involved with other people when either of us were available. After a while, we both changed jobs. That's how we lost contact. We changed jobs and lost contact. However, before we lost contact, he had gotten married and had a baby girl.

Since Monday, when he contacted me, we've been IM'n all day at work. We made plans to see Bourne Ultimatum on Friday. We have also planned a beach trip on August 25th. Now I feel that we are moving too fast. Not that we are dating. It's just that we have not seen each other in so long. I can't fight the fact we got along so well. I miss hanging out with him. I doubt there will be anything more than a friendship with him. He is now getting a divorce. It's a process that I really don't want to be involved in. I just want to rekindle our friendship. Is that so wrong?

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