Sunday, August 19, 2007

Comics & Hygiene

Why do those who collect comics have poor hygiene? Or should carry a funky smell no matter how they clean up? What made me think of this topic? I was passing a comic shop on 23rd St & Madison Ave on Friday and this man walked out of the shop. I nearly passed out when he walked by me. He smelled so bad, I thought he was homeless. But he had a huge bag of comics. That also made me make some comparisons that I have noticed.

I am an avid manga reader so I do have to go into comic shops in order to purchase them. Ever walk into one? It's a sacrifice I make every other month. The places smell of bad body odor. They are always packed with those men, as stated above, who lack hygiene or just funky. I have been to comic conventions too. The smaller ones have the same smell as the comic shops, but more potent because you have 10 times more of these men there. The only place that I do get relief is at the large NY Comic Con. I don't think the men can make the whole Javitz Center smell.

Since I go to the places would make you think about mine. I am a woman who is very conscience about hygiene. I make sure I bathe, lotion, and put on my deodorant. Haven't these guys thought of that? I know 3 men who are avid collectors, but I'm going to talk about one. He always had a weird odor about him. I know that he showered. But the odor was still there.

I wonder if the comics soak into their skin and oozes out of their pores giving the odor. I really don't know. I know most of these men go home and read comic books all night. They don't really try to date much because it takes them away from their reading and collecting. God forbid a woman comes by and touches their "mint condition rare #1 Spiderman " comic. That would be a disaster. Plus spending money on dates will cut out of the money used to buy more books. Now, let's not talk about intimacy.

All I'm trying to say, is comic collectors need to take a break from reading comics and pay attention to their appearance and hygiene.

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