Thursday, May 2, 2013

The Scarest Thing This Morning.

As I am running late this morning, I get off of the 5 subway line at Atlantic Ave, making my way to the stairs to make a transfer to another train, there is a lot of commotion by one door. I automatically assumed someone was sick. I couldn't fathom something any worse, until I saw it with my own eyes. A old apparently was exiting the train and her foot slipped between the train and platform. You have people trying to hold her up so she doesn't slip down any further. You have woman screaming and running to the conductor "Stop the train! Don't move the train!"

There were enough people there to assist her so I didn't need to stop for assistance. I tried to tell people on the way down that the train won't moving any time soon due to the incident. That was my way to get people to seek an alternative route. Some people acted sympathetic and some people acted like jackasses. That's how people are; some like to be jerks than positive with a moral compass.

I am now currently on my alternate train and my adrenaline is still flowing. I want to cry for that poor woman. I wish her safety and that she will be safe and not lose her foot. I hope the MTA, NYPD, EMS and whomever comes assist her with grace and humility. She is scared and she needs to be handled with care. The rest, I leave in God's hands as I make my way to work (late).

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