Saturday, May 5, 2012

The Ultimate Avengers

So JH, my bro, his girlfriend and I went to the Ultimate Marvel movie marathon. This marathon consisted of us sitting thru the following:

Iron Man
The Incredible Hulk
Iron Man 2
Thor (3D)
Captain America (3D)
The Avengers (3D) - Midnight Premier

We were in the theater from 10 am and left around 3 am the next day. It's a very long time sitting in a theater. They did give us breaks between each movie. It was awesome. I have never done a movie marathon before. I felt like we were at comic-con. People were dressed up as their favorite hero from the series. There weren't any fights or arguments at all. It was a peaceful and exciting times.

It was great. You got a refresher of the movies that was paving the way for the Avengers movie; eggs and all. The theater they used was nice and actually comfortable. Only bad side of he night was the lack of air conditioning. It really made it feel like a comic-con. You know, all misty and male b.o..

Here's my spoiler:

Avengers movie was OMFG absolutely f'n awesome with a side of wholly shit, I have died and went to heaven. Can you tell how much I loved this movie? I must go see it again!!!!!! This is not a review, but my opinion of a movie that made me spend a whole day in a movie theater. And it was so worth it!!!!

How do you get 5 super heroes to cooperate? Blackmail them. But I must say the Hulk stole the whole movie. I loved him. He had the best lines. He did an awesome job. I must say I like this Banner/Hulk a bit better than Norton's. This one has a bit more humanity than Norton's. Many will disagree with me but we all have our own opinions. This is mine. One of the best scene with Banner was when Black Widow went to request his presence. He was totally f'in with her.

The infighting within the team was fun too. Loki was enjoying himself with that. But it was cool how equal they were to each other. The Thor and Hulk fight was funny. There fight paused and concluded at Stark Tower when both were taking on a villain. After the villain succumbed Hulk punched Thor out of the blue and sent him flying.

The next best scene is when Hulk again arrives at Stark tower when Loki's there. Loki talks to him saying he should bow down to God like him, then in mid sentence Hulk flung Loki in semi circles like a rag doll, walked off and said, "puny God". I laughed my ass off on that scene and still laughing about it as I type this paragraph.

The best scene of the movie was the whole movie. My favorite line scene is when Thor, Black Widow, Hawk eye, and Captain America was regrouping and Banner shows up. They notify Iron Man and he says he's bringing the party to them. Then they see the creature coming, Captain says to Banner: "ok. You can get mad". Banner replies, "...I'm always mad!" He automatically turns into the Hulk. Then when Captain start assigning roles, he tells Hulk' "you smash" You should see the joy in the Hulks face. He likes to smash.

This movie was so awesome. I know I'm being redundant right now. But seriously, I haven't been this excited over a movie in a while. I was eagerly awaiting this movie for a year. It could've been a let down. It was fanfuckingtastic as this reviewer stated. OMG I so want to see sequel and all. If you haven't seen this movie, go do that right now. I will give you a note to your boss. My fiancé and I will babysit. Just get out and go watch this movie. You just have to.

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Toni said...

I would have killed to go to the Ultimate Marvel marathon, but I was stuck working overtime at the call center I work at for Dish. I did manage to get out early enough to make it to the midnight premiere. I was worried my fiancĂ© and I would get bad seats since the parking lot alone of the theater was packed. Thankfully, we found decent seats together because this movie was more than incredible! We’re definitely going to plan our own Marvel-a-thon on Dish Online before we go to see The Avengers again in theaters! I’m looking forward to consecutively watching Thor, Iron Man, and the other Marvel movies, especially since we can hit the pause button whenever we want, and there won’t be any smelly, teenage boys around, lol!