Monday, May 14, 2012

People Today Are Way Beyond Cruel

People today are so horrible it is upsetting. Why can't people move on from hurt and upsets without inflicting harm on someone?

You accidentally step on someone's shoe. Today it's can be a life or death situation. On the wrong person's shoe can get you killed.

You break up from a relationship can cost you numerous injustices. You can be blacklisted from jobs, your health could be in danger or worse you could be dead.

I've been noticing these trends more and more often these days. This is sad. People can't resolve conflicts without violence. Don't people realize life is precious and shouldn't be taken because of frivolous situation? What are parents teaching their children? What are teachers teaching our kids? Why is movies and television the dictator of what's right and what's wrong. Who should be accountable for all of this? Parents want to blame TV. Politicians want to blame the Internet. Everyone wants to point fingers, but they don't want to do anything about it.

What started me on this post was this article. The man was a fool for going to his ex for dental work. However, no matter how hurt you are, one should not mess with a person's health. She was hurt yes. But removing all of his teeth was incredulous. There is no reason for that. Yes he hurt your feelings. So do you have to ruin his life?

Sometimes I wonder why I want to be a part of this society. It's just getting worse and worse. It will not be a natural disaster that will make humans extinct. It will be a human to do so. I've been hurt in y life too. I've moved on and found a great guy. If things don't work out between us and we would have to divorce, I would soul crushingly hurt. However, I wouldn't want to inflict revenge that can cost him his lively hood or his life. I would probably find the nearest pool of despair and wallow in it. I'll eventually emerge and move on with my life.

As for this dentist, I wish her nothing but the worst for using her profession to cause evil. I hope she has to pay the man for all his surgeries and new teeth and the maintenance of them for the rest of her and his life. Disgraciado.


What do you think should be the outcome of the dentist situation?

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