Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The Closer I Get To I Do

As I get closer to my weddings weird things have happened or happening. People I haven't spoken to in years are popping up. People I barely talk to want to talk. I even had a weird dream. I guess the time is getting closer people are trying to make their move, I guess. Maybe they should have said or did something before I got involved with JH. At this point my heart belongs to JH. I can't picture my life now without him. Yes yes, I'm all mushy and in lurve, lol. However, I want to discuss 2 conversations in this post. It's gonna be a long on with all the pictures (screenshots) of the conversation.

First conversation is with my ex from nearly 8 years ago. Let's call him Baby Momma Drama, BMD for short. The reason we broke up is that he moved down south. I've spoken about him on this blog numerous times already. Click here for past references. Anyway, so Zi deleted him off of my Facebook. There wasn't any reason to keep him on there. He wasn't communicating with me on there. As I dropped him I get a text from him. Here's the conversation.

This whole conversation is weird. Haven't spoken to BMD in years. But I did tell him I was engaged on Facebook when it happened. So he wasn't in the dark. Thank God I have a functioning brain. Imaginee with his kid and dealing with him for support. He has 6 children!!!! One of them had him locked up for a year. I'm very happy to be over this man's drama, even though it didn't effect me directly. Why did he text me? Was it because of Facebook? I don't know but I don't expect to hear from him again. But the out of the blue text is weird especially when he really didn't have much to say. I may have read too much into this.

Second conversation is with an ex 4 to 5 years removed. Let's call him Super Tall, ST for short. ST and I met at a lounge that a coworker took me too. Coworker's BFF happened to be dating ST's BFF. We ended talking during the whole excursion. Our relationship was brief. We were just in 2 different places at the time. We are still cool. He even started to date another woman. We were texting he other day. The conversation went as follows.

I didn't really know how to respond to his confession so I just switched subjects. I really don't see what I can do to make the situation better for him. He is moving on with his life as he should. He's not posing any issues for me. He's a genuinely nice person. I wish him the best.

Is there anything I can do to stave off these weird conversations? I doubt it. I can't and won't entertain any ex or friend being inappropriate. I want all my exes or friends to be honest with. I don't want them to make confessions to me as a strategic offense. If they do, they will lose a friendship.

I tease JH all the time saying he's breaking hearts all over the place. It's a running joke with us. When we met I was single and ready to mingle. JH saw what he wanted, worked his voodoo, and got what he wanted. Which was me. I'm happy he did. I haven't been happier. However, he blindsided everyone in my life. They had no clue about him and all of a sudden here he is. So I guess some figured they would see where it went with JH. Now they no longer have time. I'm getting married in a month and a half. I am able to talk about this stuff with JH and I am glad. He's very secure with us and I'm not going anywhere. We are a good fit for each other. Now let's see what else will pop up before we say I do.

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