Monday, May 14, 2012

I am 20/20

I have decided to do LASIK. I was tired of the glasses and contacts were a pain in the ass to try and learn. JH decided to do it first. My guinea pig. I got to see what happens and upkeep after the procedure.

Did I tell you that I am usually petrified of anyone messing with my eyes? What possessed me to even attempt such a procedure? JH, of course. He gives me courage.

Today is day 3 after the procedure and my vision is clear. I did have a slight issue after surgery that required me to wear a bandaid lens. That was a bit annoying. What's really annoying is the having to put medicated drops in and regular saline solution to keep my eyes moist. Another thing to keep me annoyed.

Before the procedure they gave me up to 10 mg of Valium. I don't think it worked. The minute they brought me into the procedure room, I was ready to bolt. However, the Jew in me said not to waste a large deposit. I did happen to have a mild panic attack. It could've been worse. Would have loved if they knocked me out, but they needed me awake. The whole procedure was less than a minute, but it felt like 4 minutes per eye. I wanted it over with the minute I laid down.

The procedure is not that bad as your mind makes it out to be. You don't feel any pain. You really don't see anything. Your mind does put more fear into it. When JH went thru it, his anxieties came after the procedure was done as we thought. We found out that he was exhibiting more because he has bruises on his eyes. I don't really have any visible bruises. He didn't have to wear a bandaid lens. We all heal and react differently.

Do I think this is for everyone? I don't know. Would I do it again? I don't think so. My anxiety level is still a bit high when it comes to my eyes. Read about the procedure. Get testimonials. Research. Get recommendations from your eye doctor. Do not refer to ads you see in papers that offer huge discounts on the procedure. This is your vision. You don't want just any Tom Dock or Harry messing with your eyes. My doctor who's a well respected eye surgeon recommended this doctor.

If you in NYC area check out I am no way endorsing him by getting a discount. Nor is he paying me for me to promote his link. I just believe you will get good information about the procedure and what to expect.

As for now I'm okay and my vision will continue to improve as inflammation goes down. I will also have the please of walking down the isle without my glasses! That I can't wait to do.

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