Wednesday, January 27, 2016

I'm Tired Off Reading & Hearing About...

I can't keep some stupid injustices to myself and not say something about it. I'm tired of reading and hearing about this.

1. Man hits on woman, she rejects him. He continues to hit on her. She continues to reject him. Does he get the hint and go find someone else? No. He follows her outside of the club and shoots her in the chest, killing her.

2. Man cat-calls college girl on street after Blizzard 2016. She ignores him. So he drives close and through a large puddle to soak her.

3. Man cat-calls woman walking to her job. She ignores him. He assaults her and then rapes her.

This is NOT okay. If a woman does not want to be bothered with you, move on. Why be violent? Men today are just a bunch of punks who can't take rejection.

WOMEN are not OBJECTS to fuckin' own. We do not have to like you. Move the fuck on if we tell you to buzz off. There are more women out there. Find one that will like you back.

First of all, any man that cat-calls is just a jackass in the first place. It doesn't show how hot you are. All it shows is how much of a dog you are.

If you can't take rejection without getting violent or vindictive, then you need to go to therapy or just check yourself into the nearest prison. That's where you belong if you continue this trend.

Women if you find yourself in these sort of predictions and it seems to be heading towards violence. CALL 9-1-1 and press charges. It is not okay to be harassed.

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